10 great tips for a long lasting marriage

A marriage relationship brings vast challenges and great opportunities.

Couples who exercise valiant effort in their marriage union will be rewarded with longevity, satisfaction, and growth with the one they love. Being the best partner possible is not always easy. At times it’s not fair. At times it can even be lonely. It involves choosing to love your partner through good times and challenges.

Making your marriage and your partner a priority in your life is important. Here are 10 tips to incorporate into your daily lives to help build a long lasting marriage.

1. Go on a date with your spouse once a week. Even if it’s just for coffee, dedicate time for the two of you.

2. Communicate. Effective communication is critical for any marriage to last. This is especially important during difficult periods. Learn your spouse’s communication style and the way he or she needs to hear what you have to say.

3. Listen. You don’t have to solve problems, just be an active listener. Turn off the TV, put down the newspaper, and give your spouse your attention.

4. Encourage. The best way to give support is to encourage your spouse to do his or her best, to feel confident, or accomplish great things.

5. Hold hands. Take a walk or watch TV while holding hands.

6. Apologize. It’s as simple as I love you, I am sorry, or forgive me. Marriage isn’t a game where you keep score.

7. Reminisce about your favorite times together. Talk about special times you shared, and create new times together.

8. Be considerate. This means everything from cleaning up your mess to specifically avoiding doing or saying things that you know irritate your spouse.

9. Be honest with each other. Once trust is lost, it is difficult to regain and this adage is especially true in marriage. Being honest also includes being honest with your feelings.

10. End each day with a hug. Decide to end the day with love.

Submitted by: Dr. George Miller, Project Manager for Building Strong Families