13th annual Thanksgiving event is Thursday

From press reports

Workers are busy continuing the week’s preparations for the Winston County Community Thanksgiving Dinner.

“Everything’s going well,” said Aline Haynes, who’s one of the main organizers of the event.

The group will be preparing to feed 1,500 people or more which will include senior citizens, sick and shut-ins, those less fortunate, and tornado victims, if funds will allow them to do so.

“I am asking for your continued support through your finances, volunteered services, and most of all your prayers. Our opening service begins at 10:20 a.m. We invite all pastors and evangelists to please come out and be apart of our opening service,” stated Haynes.

Community service hours will be granted to high school and college student. Haynes and other organizers are seeking volunteers for the event.

“We’ll need plenty of help to finish it up,” she said, noting the preparations are well under way. Volunteers are also needed to help with home deliveries beginning Thursday morning.

“I greatly appreciated everything that the churches and individuals have done to support this event each year,” stated Haynes.

Due to the fact that many lives were altered on April 28, the luncheon group is extending an invitation to those who were affected by the tornado who would like to receive a good, hot meal.

“I am asking the churches to please put forth an extra effort to locate these individuals and offer a meal to them,” stated Haynes.

Haynes noted that this is a commujnity effort of volunteers and sponsors.

“This is the greatest commission God gave us is to show love one for another,” she said “As we approach Thanksgiving, it brings to my mind the kindhearted and loving people who have generously sowed seeds of blessings into this ministry so that others may be blessed.”

Please call Aline Haynes at 662-705-1001.

“Thanks again for all you do to help make this a success,” said Haynes.