Month: May 2014

Douglas Burton benefit to be held May 10

From Press Reports

After last year’s tragic accident that took the life of Choctaw County native Douglas Burton, his family and friends will soon host the Douglas Burton Family Benefit on May 10. The benefit will help the family pay … Read more

Let’s be neighbors

Carolyn Mills provides a weekly view from the community.

This writer can hardly call this column just news. Should be some old and some new. Thanks to those readers who have told me they always look for LETS BE NEIGHBORS … Read more

News of the past

C.J. Johnson, who has deep genealogical roots to Winston County, provides news from past editions of the Winston County Journal.

100 Years Ago – May 1, 1914

LOUISVILLE: Mr. and Mrs. Oakley Bennett are the proud possessors of a fine … Read more

Memories of our county – Hog Killing Day

Nannie Maude Reynolds shares memories and thoughts about Winston County’s past.

We looked forward from one year to the next, anticipating ‘hog killing’ day. We watched the weather religiously. The weather had to be just right and the cold spell … Read more

The Day the Yankees came to town: 1863

By Frances King Woodruff
Winston Guards 2643
Louisville, Mississippi

Winston County and its county seat of Louisville had sent away her husbands and sons to fight in the War Between the States at Shiloh, in Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee and at … Read more