2nd Annual Apollo Astronaut Egg Drop held at Fair

For the second year, Mrs. Rogers’ TAG students from Fair Elementary and Louisville Elementary Schools participated in the Apollo Astronaut Egg Drop. It was an exciting event involving raw eggs acting as astronauts, and a variety of materials used to build space capsules. The students were divided into groups for the design, construction, and testing challenge. The students were instructed to build a spaceship to bring their astronauts, raw eggs, back to earth as safely as possible. They chose materials such as poster board, place cups, newspaper, plastic shopping bags, straws, and craft sticks to construct their capsules. Once the students completed their construction, it was time for the launch. Amongst rousing cries of encouragement from the many spectators, Coaches Thompson, Catchot, Wade, and Wilson lobbed the capsules off the covered walkway at Fair Elementary. Five of the twelve eggs survived the precipitous fall. The winners were from Fair Elementary 2nd grade: John Harvey Comeaux and Jalen Frazier. 3rd grade: Xavier Thompson and Clayton Maury, and from Louisville Elementary 5th grade winners were Janie Espino and Jazmin Taylor. Congratulations to ALL of the participants.