62nd reunion of McMillin family held


The 62nd annual reunion of the Clan McMillin & Related Families of Louisville and Winston County gathered on August 4-5 at Lake Tiak O’ Khata. This annual gathering of the McMillin and Related Families of Louisville and Winston County, Mississippi first began in 1951 and is a branch of the Clan McMillin Society of North America which itself was founded in 1958. Both groups are branches of Clan MacMillan International. The MacMillan clan is one of the oldest clans in Scotland.

Just as trees with deep roots are capable of withstanding to the most severe storms, families with the deepest roots are also able to endure adversities of life. So it is with the Clan McMillin and Related Families. Our families share a common heritage which can be traced back to the 12th century Scotland. Each family represented at the reunion strives to instill in their children the importance of our family’s heritage, the strength of our ancestors, and how imperative it is that our family’s heritage is passed on from generation to generation. For this reason, our families gather each year to renew our bonds and welcome new members into our growing family.

On this 62nd reunion, over 70 relatives, representing eight states, braved the relentless heat to attend the two day event which began on Saturday evening with a cookout under the pine trees in the Grove. The Pres, David McMillin, our usual chef, was unable to attend this year’s event, so he arranged for the Lake to prepare hamburgers for all. Each family contributed to the meal by providing side dishes, desserts, and drinks.

On Sunday morning, August 5th, the Colonial Room was the meeting place for the 62nd reunion. Each member signed the register, which was initiated by Mr. Boyd McMillin, and picked up their nametag. The room was decorated with the traditional MacMillan Tartans as well as American and Scottish flags. Mrs. Joyce Johnson and daughter, Billie Joy Tucker, decorated the tables with vases of flowers atop squares of MacMillan tartan.

Mrs. Carol McMillin of Vicksburg, Ms presided and called the meeting to order. Mr. Percy Mac Frazier of Franklinton, LA gave the morning devotional as he spoke on the importance of family and heritage. Music was presented by Miss Lucy Johnson who did an outstanding job of singing Jesus, Savior Pilot Me. Lucy is the granddaughter of John and Sylvia McMillin. Lenora Frazier, wife of Percy Mac Frazier, sang May the Road Rise to Meet You and A Celtic Blessing as the blessing for our meal.

Lunch was followed by an introduction of families and a brief description of how they were related to the original William McMillin, the Scotch-Irish immigrant who settled in Winston County in the mid 1830’s. William is buried in the Old Baptist cemetery on Parks Street. Each member of the McMillin and Related Families is descended from William McMillin’s lineage.

Awards were presented: Mrs. Sue Bennett Fulcher, of Louisville, was recognized as the oldest McMillin relative at the reunion. The youngest was Lynlee Rhodes McMillin, 3 month old daughter of Stephen and Jennifer Lynne McMillin of Vicksburg, MS; granddaughter of Dr. & Mrs. F. Lamar McMillin, Jr. of Vicksburg. Mr. John McMillin, of Chattanooga, TN brought the most members. All 15 of his grandchildren were dressed in the MacMillan Hunting tartan. Mrs. Dana Bennett Kloo traveled the greatest distance. She lives in San Diego, CA. Dana is the great granddaughter of the late Boyd McMillin of Louisville.

We mourned the loss of two of our beloved members this year. Mrs. Bettie Bennett, wife of Dale Bennett who passed away on May 19th and Mr. George McCully on May 2nd. “When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.” We will always treasure the memory of these precious family members and all others who have gone before us.

Jamie McMillin reported that the McMillins are making plans to collect funds to erect a monument in the Masonic Cemetery in Louisville for William C. McMillin. William was one the six sons of David McMillin. William enlisted as a private in the Confederate Army on July 1, 1861 and evidently had great leadership skills as he was promptly promoted to 1st Sergeant and then to 1st Lieutenant on Sept. 7, 1861. He later became Captain of his company. William fought in the Battle of Shiloh on April 6th near Corinth, MS. With no rest and relentless exposure to the rain, Capt. William developed pneumonia and died on May 8, 1862. He is buried at Shannon, MS near Verona. His descendants plan to dedicate a monument to him in the future near the graves of his brothers who are buried in the Masonic Cemetery in Louisville, MS.

As part of the program, various members of the McMillin and Related Families shared their memories of past reunions. Ms. Ann McMillin, the daughter of Arnell and Winfred McMillin, shared her memories of when the reunions were held at Choctaw Lake. Dr. F. Lamar McMillin, likewise, recalled a reunion at Choctaw back in 1958 when all activity ceased so they could search for a missing boy, who really wasn’t missing at all. Ms. Lynn Cunningham recalled meetings that were once held at the ancestral home on Greensboro Road of Nathaniel Woodward and Mary McMillin. Lynn also recalled that the Woodward’s home was one of the first in Winston County to decorate with wall paper, a novelty at the time. Dana Bennett shared her memories of the very first reunion back in 1951 when her father, Mr. Boyd McMillin, initiated the first printed booklet for the reunion. The register Mr. Boyd McMillin began is still being used today.

The election of officers for the following year is as follows: Dr. F. Lamar McMillin, president; Carol McMillin, vice-president; Claire Crowell, treasurer; and Sylvia McMillin, secretary.

The 2013 meeting, the 63rd reunion, will take place on the first Sunday in August, Aug. 4th at Lake Tiak O’Khata. The cook-out will be held on Saturday, August 3rd.

Dr. F. Lamar McMillin, Jr. ended the reunion with a “MacMillan Exhortation”, exhorting McMillins to “remember the poor, pray for the sick, make no peace with injustice, and continue to learn to aid the distressed”. He concluded that the 62nd Reunion of the McMillin and Related Families of Louisville and Winston County was ended.

Attendees for the 2012 Reunion From Louisville: Dustin & Michael Ballard, Dale Bennett, Jon & Zack Boyles, Mary Boyles, Johnny & Claire Crowell, Lynn Cunningham, Sue Bennett Fulcher, Charles William Haggard, Keith & Linda Hudson, Kevin & Wanda Hudson and children, Max & Belle; Joyce Bennett Hull, Joyce Johnson, Kirk Lawson, Mike McCully, Jamie & Lisa McMillin & daughter, Barbara; Jim McMillin, Jimmy & Yvonne McMillin, Daniel & Tia Parker, Larry & Margaret Woodward

Attending from other parts of MS were William& Tracy McCully & daughter, Myrrah, Eupora; Dr. F. Lamar, Jr. & Carol McMillin; Stephen & Jennifer Lynne McMillin & daughter, Lynlee, Vicksburg; Shirley McMillin, Carthage; Charles & Ashley McMillin Moomaw & son, Grayson, Madison; Laura Mullens, Clinton.

From Alabama: Hallie Jean Blaylock, Tuscaloosa; Ann McMillin, Huntsville; Billie Joy Harrell Tucker, Eldridge.

From California: Dana Bennett Kloo, San Diego.

From Georgia: David Haggard & children, Ashley & Cole, Suzanne; Ashlie McMillin Johnson and children, Lucy, Noah, Levi, Rose

From Louisiana: Rev. Percy Mac & Lenora Frazier, Franklinton; Suzanne Haggard, Metairie

From Ohio: Devhra Bennett Jones, Cincinnati

From Tennessee: Missy McMillin Crew & children Jacob, Maggie, Samuel, Eleanor, Eli, Isaac, Chattanooga; John & Sylvia McMillin, Chattanooga; Christine & Jimmy Moore, Collierville, TN; Keith Moore, Memphis

From Texas: Danna McMillin Bennett, Sherman.