74th annual Caperton reunion gathers familes from around country

Submitted by Carolyn Mills


The 74th annual reunion of the descendents of Samuel Henry Caperton and Sarah Frances Ball gathered in Noxapater on September 1st at the Mollie Estes/JW Young Park in the air conditioned building with only 34 signing the register. The attendance gets less and less each year as the grandchildren die and no longer attend. The great-grandchildren are not as interested in keeping the reunion an ongoing event since their parents are no longer present. All except, Sidney Hilliard and he vows he will keep it going as long as anyone shows up. He and his wife Melanie opened up and set up the building for the 2013 reunion.

Frank Caperton opened the meeting by welcoming those present at the noon hour. He gave especial welcome to Mayor Sammy Carter and his wife who were invited to join the group for lunch and visiting. Frank determined the oldest and youngest person present and presented Pauline C. Boswell a bouquet for being the oldest descendent present and Cate Frances Carr, granddaughter of Larry Caperton $50 in cash for being the youngest.

Pauline is 97 and Cate is 9.

A memorial service for Paul Gunn was observed with Frank lighting a candle and Carolyn Caperton Millls speaking a few words about Paul who grew up in Noxapater along with three brothers and two sisters. Paul and two of his brothers served their country during the 2nd WW. Paul in the Air Force, Whitt in the Navy, and John Clark in the Army Special Forces. John Clark was killed in the South Pacific, buried there and in 1949 was brought to Vicksburg National Park and interred there.

Paul died in Pennsylvania where he lived after retiring from the military as Cmsgt USAF which is the highest office an enlisted man can attain. Paul owned two bookstores in Macungie, PA, was an avid reader and loved passing on his knowledge to friends and relatives on a monthly newsletter. He was married and had children but none present knew how many children as none of the Gunn descendents attended. Paul never missed a reunion until recent years when his health failed.

Three branches of the family were present; the Lora Caperton Johnson branch, the William Marion Caperton branch and the Hernando Caperton branch.

Larry Caperton of Brandon gave thanks before the bountiful pot-luck lunch was enjoyed.

The following family and friends attended the 2013 Reunion: Sidney and Melanie Hilliard of Louisville, Wayne and Roma Hilliard of Madison, Frank and JoAnn Caperton of Daphne, AL, John and Lora Fulcher of Starkville, Carolyn Mills, Teresa and Michael Ingram, David and Martha Mills, Dickie and Martha Gay Caperton, Julie Mills, Billy Catt, Connie Kinard, Drew Gordon, Kala Hall, Danny and Gidget and Landon Mills, Carol Clark, Terry Kelley, all of Louisville and surrounding area, Larry and Wanda Caperton and Shelley, Sophia and Cate Carr of Brandon, Cecil Caperton Boswell of Columbus, Pauline Boswell, Sammy and Sue Carter of Noxapater.