A time to count your losses and look to the future

The votes have been counted, the winner of the primary election has been announced, and the primary election is over, but not according to State Senator Chris McDaniel.
McDaniel has refused to concede to his opponent and incumbent Senator Thad Cochran citing that Cochran encouraged cross over voting from Democrats.
McDaniel and some of his supporters claim that Senator Cochran encouraged Democrats to vote for Cochran. The evidence is merely photos taken of African Americans at the poles voting and a very few poll book discrepancies.
This claim has “racial profiling” written all over it. The summer of 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer.  Mississippi should be past the skin color issue.
Senator McDaniel needs to know that the color of your skin does not indicate what party you claim membership to or what person you cast your vote for; the color of your skin does not indicate the party that you support.
Senator McDaniel needs to take a second look at the people that he desires to represent.  In Mississippi the color of your skin no longer determines where you sit, where you work, where you go to the bathroom, where you go to school, or whether or not you can vote.  Mississippi is 50 years past these issues.
My recommendation for Senator McDaniel would be for him to consider taking a course in Mississippi politics. There he would learn that for years it has been a common practice of paying individuals gas money to get supporters to the polls.  It has also been common practice to enlist on the payroll individuals who will go encourage citizens to go vote.
It is very difficult to find people who can afford to take time off work to campaign.  This is why many if not all politicians compensate some of their campaigners with money also known as a paycheck.  Senator McDaniel would learn that it is completely legal for any campaign to pay the people working on the campaign.
One would think that Senator McDaniel would be aware of such laws considering he is the State Senate Chairman of the Elections Committee.  If Senator McDaniel has such a problem with paying individuals to work on campaigns and African Americans voting in Republican primaries, then he should propose a bill to change and add to the election laws.
It is time for Senator McDaniel to count his losses.  Instead of suing to win an election in court that he simply got out politicked on, he should concede.  Instead, he would rather collect $15 each from his supporters to re-pad his pocket book for an election challenge.
McDaniel’s claim to fame is now running down Mississippi’s election laws and preaching to all the major TV news sources about how you can only be a Republican if you agree with him.  Mississippi may not be perfect, but we are working toward better days.
Senator McDaniel should take some advice from William Faulkner: “To understand the world, one must first understand a place like Mississippi.”  You have a long ways to go Senator McDaniel. In Mississippi, a man grits his teeth shakes hands with the winner and moves on for a better future having learned a lesson from defeat.

Editor’s note: Hanna McCain is an Advertising Consultant for the Winston County Journal.