About Noxapater: At the heart of a strong community

By Joy Wall


There is always something special going on in Noxapater- at least it seems that way to those of us who live here.

The last Saturday of September was a great day – the Day of the Car Show and the Cotton Gin Festival, the weather was perfect and the parking for a big crowd was very successful.

Over hundred eleven vehicles entered the show. The sponsors provided the shirts and trophy. There were other advertisers that provided prizes that made it nice. A hospitality table was set up with doughnuts and coffee for the early morning people and everyone seemed to enjoy the space and shade they had to spread over the South side of the Park,

The festival was greatly enjoyed on the North side of the park as well. The many vendors were spaced so that you could walk on the concrete walk and inspect, buy, and talk to the many neighbors and friends. There was a great choice of food to buy as lunchtime approached.

Entertainment was great too. I enjoyed sitting at the pavilion, listening to the Wells family and others sing. Later there was a special time for girls and their families as they participated in the beauty pageant.

As you can see, it was a great day. Everyone is glad that the Cotton Gin Festival and Car show has been moved to the Park. We hope everyone will come out next year and help us enjoy another great day in Noxapater.

Another great thing that is going on in our town is the Winston Medical Center ‘s – Noxapater Clinic that is being built. We are all watching each thing that is being done day by day and looking forward to it being completed and many more needs being met without leaving town.

We never want to fail to mention our merchants that have been with us for quite some time. They keep a big stock of merchandise in their stores and this helps to make life good in Noxapater.

Our town officials stay busy keeping us supplied with water, sewage disposal, garbage disposal. Law protection, grass cutting and many other things needed to keep us being a good town.

It takes all of us working together to keep it a good town, and that means our many friends that live outside our city limits as well as those who live in the town limits. We really need all of you and your business to keep it a good town. We appreciate you.

I also want to remind everyone that we have a great school. We have a new principal and our grade has been pulled up to a B this year by the test given to all students in Mississippi. The Football team is doing well and we are so proud of them. You can read about our school in the Winston County Journal every week.

Other businesses are making plans to come to Noxapater and we are excited about that. We are always interested in growing and thankful for what we have now. We want you to come visit us and be a part of our progress.