Airport Board, aldermen address landslide issue

From staff reports

The Louisville/Winston County Airport Board are working with the City
of Louisville officials to gain grant funds to make repairs at the
Representatives of the Louisville/Winston County Airport board
addressed concerns regarding a landslide at the airport during the
April 16 meeting of the Louisville Board of Alderman.
Aldermen were addressed by Airport Board President Mike Forster and
engineer of record Dale Coward. Both men explained how a few months
ago a heavy rainfall caused a landslide in the fore slope of the
runway of the Louisville/Winston County Airport, leaving the runway
unusable. The landslide affected a half acre of land.
Both Forster and Coward expressed that this was a number one priority
for the airport, since most aircraft are unable to use the runway.
They have applied for an MDOT grant to help fund the project. If they
cannot acquire the grant, the Airport Board would then use their
resources to undertake the project. The board has $300,000 in hard
cash available if needed.
The project, entitled the Multimodal Remedial Runway Slope
Stabilization (RRSS) Project, would be funded with the grant
requested (Multimodal Grant Application). The grant application was
delivered to MDOT’s Aeronautics Division and received in proper order.
With the grants in order, it was suggested by the MDOT Aeronautics
Division that the city go ahead and advertise the RRSS project, since
it is of an emergency nature. The status of the grants should be
confirmed by June 1, 2013 or shortly thereafter. Bids on the RRSS
project are slated to be accepted and read aloud at City Hall shortly
after 2 p.m. on May 28, 2013.
The bids on the RRSS project will be presented to the city officials
at their regularly scheduled meeting scheduled for June 4, 2013, and
the city should know the results of the grant application by that time.
The work for the RRSS project is scheduled to begin by July 15, 2013,
with a completion time of Fall of 2013. The estimated project cost is
roughly $300,000, which includes engineering, testing, and
construction management.
Forster also revealed plans for constructing a new terminal for the
airport with their hard cash in combination with FAA grants,
providing the board receives the grants necessary for the RRSS
project to be funded. This terminal would provide a safe and pleasant
place for passengers and others.
In other airport news, Taylor Machine Works have returned their
airport hangar along with equipment and upgrades to the airport.
Airport Board members are working with a new business to use the hangar.