Alderman hold busy meetings

From staff and press reports


In the May 7 Louisville Board of Aldermen meeting, the board continued economic development efforts.

The board authorized Mayor Will Hill to request funds from grants awarded by Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in the amount of $13,612.35 and funds from the state from a Community Block Development Grant (CDBG) in the amount of $40,837.05 to cover costs at the Transload Facility.

The aldermen also authorized to use city funds until the TVA funds were received. The board also authorized payments to Calvert Spradling Engineers Inc and Continental Rails.

In other business, the aldermen:

• Authorized the Mayor to execute lease and accept option check of $500 from Cellular South for tower location within the city.

• Adopted a resolution in support of Louisville/Winston County Airport project to fix the runway.

• Approved the docket of claims for the April bills in the amount of $145,692.77.

• Authorized the payment of $198,311.25 from the General Obligation (GO) Bond Fund to First Security Bank Corporate Trust Department for the first installment payment.

• Approved payments for recent street repairs to be paid from GO Construction Fund

• Approved payment to MS Municipal Workers Compensation for the audited premium.

• Approved payment to Neel Shaffer from landfill fund for professional services.

• Approved request for Sue Daniels to attend the Municipal Court Clerk Summer Program

• Approved request for Detrick Sanders and Joel Triplett to attend the National Child Passenger Safety Course in Tupelo.

• Recognized Detrick Sanders and his receipt of The Gary Kistler Life Safety Educator Award for 2013. See full article in today’s edition.

• Declared as surplus and authorize disposition of some fixed assets.

• Authorize the clerk to enroll an assessment for cleaning a property as a lien against the property and proceed to sell the land to satisfy the lien as provided by law for delinquent municipal taxes.

• Set seven hearings for unclean properties for June 18.

The municipal primary election was held the same day only Aldermen –At -Large Francis Ball had an opponent and faces opposition June 4.

April 2

The City of Louisville Board of Alderman discussed and accepted bids for street repairs during their regular meeting on April 2.

The board has already authorized resurfacing to streets in the city using the general obligation bond funds. Future improvements were discussed by the board, which included micro surfacing, traffic signs and posts, and thermoplastic traffic markings.

In addition to discussing the street resurfacing and updating, the board also covered a lengthy.

In other news, the Board:

• Approved Docket of Claims for March bills for $132,959.26.

• Approved payment for Airport project invoice $15,994.50 to Kemp & Associates LLC.

• Approved payment to APAC MS for $715.50 to be paid from GO Construction Fund 350-600-700 for asphalt.

• Approved Jody Fulton to attend The Building Officials Association of MS 2012 International Residential Code Electrical Training from April 18-19 in Tupelo. Registration $250.00, plus meals and lodging.

• Approved Howard Marshall, Ronnie Graham, Donnie Graham, and Vernon Eichelberger for police training, Gun Recovery and Enforcement, no cost, one day training in Greenwood on April 25.

• Approved Howard Marshall and Ronnie Graham for police training, First Line Supervisor Level 1, May 28-30. MS Law Enforcement Academy will bill the city.

• Approved Ed Hunt to attend the MS/TN DARE Officers Association, 2013 State Conference in Gatlinburg, TN from July 8-12. $200 registration plus meals and lodging.

• Approved Vera McCarty to hire a part time E911 dispatcher at $9.00 per hour. Tracy Grabher, who currently serves as a volunteer for LFD.

• Approved Chief Johnson to hire Todd Russell as a Volunteer Fireman.

• Authorized Bancorp South to increase credit limit for the City Credit Card to $10,000.

• Adopted a resolution of the Board of Alderman of Louisville, stating its intent to levy a tax (the “tax levy”) on the gross proceeds from room rentals of all hotels or motels located in the city to be expended to promote tourism and parks and recreation within the city pursuant to House Bill 1595, local and private legislation of the 2013 regular session of the Mississippi Legislature; calling for and giving Butler, Snow, O’Mara, Stevens & Cannada, PLLC to submit this resolution the United States Attorney General for preclearance under Section 5 of The Voting Rights Act; and for all other related purposes.

April 16

During the April 16 meeting of the City of Louisville Board of Supervisors, they:

• Approved payment to Kemp & Associates for $11,532.00 for Airport project AIP 328-0043-012.

• Adopted a resolution per Woody Sample to file an application for the CDBG grant funds and execution of the grant agreement with the state should the application be funded-enclosed.

• Approved for Board, Mayor, City Clerk, and Attorney to attend MML Summer Conference from July 15-17 in Biloxi. Registration $235.00 plus room, meals and travel allowance.

• Approved Chief Terry Johnson to attend Fire Chief Annual Conference May 30-June 2 in Natchez. Registration and travel allowance total $762.75 to be paid from 006-161-675 Rebate Funds.

• Approved Chief L.M. Claiborne to attend the 2013 MS Association of Chiefs of Police Summer Educational Conference in Biloxi on June 17-20. Registration $325.00 plus room $419.96 and meals $144.00.

• Approved Ronnie Graham and Ed Hunt to attend police training at MS Law Enforcement Academy, First Line Supervisor Level 1, May 28-30.

• Accepted resignation of Howard Marshall from Louisville Police Dept. effective April 17, 2013.

• Declared one Glock Model #22 handgun and two 15 round magazines, serial number NER663, fixed asset 6-004432 as surplus and authorized the disposition and sale of the gun for $20.00 to Howard Marshall, retiring police officer.

• Authorized re-hiring one temporary summer recreation worker at $8.00 per hour for approximately 12 weeks.

• Approved payment to IPFS for insurance on GP building, final payment $3,013.10.

• Approved payment of Falcon Construction Company for street repair to be paid from GO Construction Fund. Amount to be determined Monday.

• Authorized notice for bids for supplies for 2013-2014.

The City of Louisville Board of Aldermen will have their next scheduled meeting on May 21, 2013.