Aldermen approve airport bid and recommendations

By Joseph McCain

Winston County Journal


In a special recessed meeting on July 30, the Louisville Board of Aldermen covered a series of business.

The board opened with review of bids for an airport terminal to be built.

Airport board president Mike Forster presented the bids and the recommendation of the airport board. Forster noted that while the $700,000 project was mostly covered by the Federal Aviation Agency’s 90 percent match that even with the state’s two and half percent match that the project was underfunded by $120,000.

Forster recommended the city leaders approve the bid and go ahead with the project while he worked with the state to get the additional funds.

Forster added that if the funds were not available this year that the airport board could get through other collections next year but he was not ready to delay the project until next year.

“We can cut a few things and schedule things differently to use the next year funds,” said Forster. “If needed.”

Forster added that the county and Louisville Utilities had been very helpful and supportive of preparing for the project.

Forster also explained to the board that the runway repairs were set to start first week of August and would take about 45 days with favorable weather.

The board also tackled the E911 agreement with the county. The board accepted the agreement with a 4 to 1 vote.

Mayor Will Hill explained that the new agreement should open communication between the city and county on the operations of 911.

The major change to the E911 interlocal agreement is the establishment of a five member E911 oversight board. The e911 board would be one Winston County Supervisor, one Louisville Aldermen, Winston County Sheriff, Louisville Police Chief and the Winston County Emergency management director.

The agreement also places the E911 coordinator over day to day operations with guidance from the E911 oversight board.

“My vision is that the oversight board will work toward the benefit of all persons in the county,” said Alderwoman Judy McLeod.

Alderman Eugene Crosby noted his concerns about the new setup and possible problems arising.

In other business, the board:

• Approved 2 persons for the Historic Preservation Committee

• Approved appointments to the Tourism board and noted that the Tourism board would meet the last Monday of each month.

• Discussed rental property ordinance still being tabled.

• Discussed the work on the GIS mapping of the county and possible zoning maps created from the mapping.

The board was set to meet August 6, 2013 at 5:30 for a regular meeting.


Artistic rendering of the new terminal

Artistic rendering of the new terminal