Aldermen approve tax levies, discuss Natron’s progress

From staff and press reports


The Louisville Board of Aldermen opened the Sept. 3 meeting with discussions on tax levies and Natron’s progress.

The aldermen approved the present tax levies for the city with 19 mils for the general budget, 1 mil for the cemeteries, and 3 mills for the library for a total of 23 mils for the city tax levies. The library millage was the only millage increase from 1 mil to 3 mils.

The board also discussed the ongoing progress at Natron with Mayor Will Hill noting that the project was coming along very timely with everyone working hard to get the bids in and the repairs moving forward on the facility.

In other business, the aldermen:

• Adopted 2013-2014 Budget. Mayor Will Hill noted that the budget to have a $89,095 deficit that would require the him, the city department heads and others to watch funds carefully in order to fall into a deficit for the year.

“We will manage the budget,” said Mayor Hill. “The unknowns will be the challenge.”

Mayor Hill added that he felt like they had kept the receipt collections as a very conservative number.

Alderman Eugene Crosby noted the last three years the city had done a good job of building up savings and a major portion of the deficit was for capital expenditures.

Mayor Hill noted “We may have to tap into a minor amount of reserves to purchase assets.”

• Approved recess meeting and other meeting.

• Appointmented to Winston County Economic Development Partnership, Terry Reynolds for 3 year appointment September 30, 2013 through September 2016.

• Approved the Final Resolution Granting Polo Custom Products a Five Year Tax Exemption on personal property with a true value of $7,030. The board discussed the listed equipment. The city, county and state all approved the exemption.

• Paid August docket of claims for $126,776.96

• Approved payment to Golden Triangle Planning and Development for $62,500.00 for the E911 Mapping Project upon the receipt of $50,000 ARC grant funds plus $25,000 City of Louisville funds transferred as budgeted. The board also discussed keeping the road and street numbering setup similar to how it is now versus the proposed plan from the GTPPD.

• Authorized payment to MS Municipal Workers Compensation for first installment of $22,980.00 for a total of $67,588.00 for the annual workers compensation payment for 2013-2014

• Authorized payment of $1,412.02 to Carrot Top Industries for bypass banners and acknowledge receipt of $1,412.02 from Winston Co. Community Development for reimbursement on banners.

Alderwoman Judy McLeod noted the new welcome banners look great on the bypass.

• Noted Natron was paying the monthly insurance on the facility directly.

• Accepted low proposal from Waste Pro for the purpose of collecting residential and small business solid waste at current pricing. According to city engineer Kenny Morris the only other bid was about $3 more per customer. The alderdmen approved the low bid.

• Approved the transfer $25,000 from Solid Waste Fund to Landfill Fund as budgeted for Pro Rata Share for landfill cell

• Authorized E911 Fall Training Seminar for Vera McCarty, Kayla Rogers and Patricia Dempsey to attend October 13-16 in Tunica,all expenses reimbursable. Alderwoman McLeod noted that the city need to follow up to insure received all reimbursements for training.

• Authorize Jody Fulton to attend the MACE Education Conference in Brandon on October 17-18, $50 registration fee only


• Discussed Parks and Recreation hiring part-time employee options for events.

• Adopted Agreement to collect School Taxes with LMSD.

• Adopted Agreement with the County to Collect School taxes

• Adopted Agreement with the County to Collect Mobile Home and Motor Vehicle Taxes

• Approved contract with ARC for Louisville water improvements for a $197,600 grant.

• Approved contract with ARC for Natron building improvements with $400,000 grant. Bids on first phases to fix electrical at Natron are due in.

The next regular Louisville Aldermen meeting is set for August 17 at 5:30 in the board room.