Aldermen discuss changes in interlocal agreement

From staff reports

The Louisville Board of Aldermen in its March 19 meeting discussed
with Winston County Emergency Management Director Buddy King upcoming
changes and reworking of the E911 interlocal agreement.

Louisville Mayor Will Hill noted that he had discussed with Winston
County Board of Supervisors’ President Mike Peterson some of the
county’s concerns over E911 and felt that most had been resolved
especially with the upcoming changes to the interlocal agreement.

King explained to the aldermen that the agreement was out dated and
the makeup of the E911 advisory council needed to be revised in order
to get a quorum of persons involved and to have representatives from
the supervisors and aldermen on the E911 board. King added that while
the Supervisors had delegated the operations of 911 to the city that
the county was still responsible for the operations.

Alderwoman Judy McLeod questioned if the supervisors were angling to
have 911 returned to the county to operate.

“There has been 20 years of fussing about this,” said McLeod.

Mayor Hill noted that having good communication between the city and
county was the key to smooth out any problems.
“Mike (Peterson) and I worked out to keep 911 operating under city
authority since it is what is best for the county as a whole I
believe,” said Hill.

Hill noted that the aldermen and Supervisors have several months to
think over all the changes since the agreement is not up for renewal
until September.

In other business, on March 19:
• Approved minutes with one change
• Aldermen upheld zoning board decision for 119 Smyth Lake Road. The
zoning board disapproved using the facility as a daycare. Kenny
Morris, city engineer, noted that the number of children, number of
transportation busses and amount of traffic in the residential area
was more toward commercial activity.
• Two unclean properties were discussed with both receiving April 16
review of progress of cleaning.
• Authorized payments for closure and postclosure on landfill sites
in amount of $10,000.
• Hiring of temporary cemetery worker approved.
• Approved DUI enforcement resolution for the continuation of DUI
grant which is in its fourth year.
• Approved training for three LPD officers.
• Cancelled the Public hearing on the Rental Property Ordinance until
it could be redrafted to meet concerns of some citizens.
• Discussed Zoning board appointmentto replace Hubert Nicholson.
• Approved Mayor Hill to sign a grant for $35,000 if awarded it from
Homeland Security for a vehicle purchase.
• Discussed Family Dollar Store starting construction in April.
• Discussed paving projects to begin on city streets in April.
Morris, city engineer noted that about 1 mile of road costs about
• Held an executive session to discuss the land swap deal with Jake
Rich to move his recycling business. Close for jakes plans. Executive
In the March 5 meeting, the aldermen:
• Approved hiring William McCully to set up an update portion to the
• Approved hiring a part time fill in person at animal control.
• Accepted low bid on asphalt overlay for city street paving.
• Acknowledgeds receipt of final grant funds on Polo Building roof
• Approved docket of claims for February.
• Discussed the 23 percent increase in insurance. Mayor Hill noted
the city had budgeted for the increase.
• Approved engineering cost for airport project.
• Discussed runway concerns over sliding and movement of the land.
• Approved Red Hills Salvage insurance payment on former GP Property.
• Approved repaying MDA on an old loan for WMC building. “We need to
pay this to keep all items with MDA moving correctly,” said Mayor Hill.
• Approved paying for repairs of wrecked police car.
• Acknowledge receipt of $27,000 from TVA and MDA for industrial
• Approve payment of Bennett’s bills.
• Acknowledge Huber Nicholson resignation from zoning board.
• Discussed locating a CSpire cell tower on city property if the
company finds either available property works with the needs. CSpire
representative Roy Bracken noted that the two parcels being examined
could work for the companies plans to upgrade its cell service in the
area to prevent future overloads.
• Approved request for 911 training March 18 for emergency medical
response training.
• Discussed Mayor youth council trip to Hattiesburg that went well
according to Mayor Hill.
• Discussed the continued remodeling of the City Hall.

The next regular meeting is Tuesday, April 2.