Aldermen discuss E-911 and upcoming fundraiser

From staff reports


The Louisville Board of Aldermen in the second meeting of the month postponed until July 23 discussed E-99 contract with the county and a fundraiser for the Fire Association in Louisville.

The aldermen and Mayor reviewed a draft proposal of the interlocal agreement for the city to operate E-911 services in the county. The county had notified of non-contract renewal several months ago for the old E-911 contract and had presented a new draft recently of the contract.

The new setup would entail an oversight board with 5 members. The E-911 oversight board would be made up of 1 Louisville Board of Alderman, 1 board of Supervisor member, Winston County Sheriff, Louisville Police Chief and the Winston County Emergency Management director.

According to discussions, the oversight board would not have any power to hire or fire but would only make recommendations for the best operation of E-911.

E-911 would also become a separate city department no longer under the Louisville Police Department.

“This is an effort to bring unity and give the county more oversight,” said Mayor Will Hill. “Overall it is about better communication.”

Mayor Hill noted he would give the revised draft back to the county with the changes requested.

The county supervisors did approve in their special July 24 meeting. See related article in today’s edition.

The Louisville Fire Association also informed the board of an upcoming fundraiser to build up the association and raise funds that could in turn be used to help the Louisville Fire Department. The city leaders noted that the Fire Association is a separate entity from the city and that the fundraiser information was for information purposes only. More information on the August 24 fundraiser will be in upcoming editions.

In other business, the aldermen:

• Discussed several unclean properties with several cleaned, others receiving extensions for new owners and others cleaned by city and cost assessed to the property liens.

• Discussed nominations for historic preservation board.

• Accepted highest bids on two FEMA trailers owned by city.

• Advertise and declare for surplus a small piece of property owned by city.

• Approved disposing of broken radios.

• Approved payment to APAC for street work. Also discussed how much was left in the General Obligation bond for street repairs.

• Approved to seek proposals for Solid Waste Collection in the city.

July 2 meeting items approved.

• Rehired employees and appointed department heads. The Board made the following appointments for the new term of office ending June 30, 2017: Police Chief, L.M. Claiborne; Fire Chief, Terry Johnson; E911 Coordinator, Vera McCarty; Recreation and Parks Director, Todd McCullough; Code Enforcement Officer, Cemetery Supervisor, and Animal Control Supervisor, Jody Fulton; Public Works Director and City Engineer, Kenny Morris; City Attorney, Taylor Tucker; and Municipal Court Judge, David Wilson.

• Reappointed Eugene Crosby as the Mayor Pro Tem for the 2013-2017 term of office.

• Discussed 5 unclean properties.

• Set insurance agreement with Natron.

• Pay J. C. CHEEK CONTRACTORS for street work.

• Set the budget hearing for Tuesday, August 6 at 5:00 p.m. and approved the notice on 2013-2014 budget hearing.

June 18

• The Board accepted the recommendation of the Zoning and Planning Board to allow the child day care facility to operate at 302 South Jones.

• The Board chose to allow parking on the northern end of street

• Discussed unclean properties.

• Approved appointment to Utility Board.

• Approved appointment to Tourism Board.

• appointed three election commissioners.

• The Board adopted Ordinance 363 Prohibiting Open Carry of Firearms on city owned property and city sponsored meetings

• The Board authorized the Mayor to sign an Option and Lease Agreement with Cellular South Real Estate Inc. for the initial period of five (5) years and an annual rent of $6,600 for a wireless communication tower to be located on city owned property on Railroad Avenue.

• The Board authorized the re-advertising of bids for the Airport Terminal Building Project.

• The Board adopted a resolution to approve the application for a five-year exemption from city ad valorem taxes for Polo Custom Products on new equipment

• The default judgment awarding the city with $2,385.00 and a 2010 Lexus subject to lien from arrested offender.

The Louisville Board of Aldermen were set to meet in a special meeting July 30 to discuss E-911, Airport Terminal bids and other items.