Aldermen discuss grants and improvements

By Joseph McCain The Winston County Journal

The Louisville Board of Aldermen held their regular meeting on Sept. 18 to cover several grants.

Aldermen Eugene Crosby opened the meeting upon the absence of Mayor Will Hill who was attending learning opportunities at University of Southern Mississippi for city strategic planning and economic development classes.

The aldermen approved receiving the MDOT match funds for the runway turnaround at the airport. MDOT pays 5 percent of the cost and paid $8,809 of the cost for work done.

The aldermen also approved a payment of $36,765 for sidewalk improvements on Church Street. The total contract for the work was $43,000 and was paid from a small cities grant.

In other business, the aldermen: • Approved minutes • Approved workers compensation payment of $68,158.00. City Clerk Babs Fulton noted that the city had 4 outstanding claims at the time. • Approved Court clerk to attend training. • Appvoved Police training for two officers and court clerk for domestic violence reporting training. City Attorney Taylor Tucker noted that reporting requirements for officers and court to the state had changed. The training is no cost to the city. Alderwoman Judy McLeod noted the work of The Care Lodge of Meridian in the area for domestic violence and encouraged the city to help support the group the next budget year if possible. • Approved E911 training for 3 members of E911. All approved training will be reimbursed by state. • Approved a resolution for Louisville Utilties to administer the 2012 CDBG grant for Sewer Project grant to help fix sewer lines in the city. • Approved police Chief Claiborne to attend DUI grant award meeting. The meeting is no cost to the city. • Dickie Caperton brought up the possibility of sagging pants ordinance which was tabled again.

The next regularly scheduled Louisville Aldermen meeting is set for Oct. 2 at 5:30p.m.