Aldermen review 911 with county EMA

From staff reports

The Louisville Board of Aldermen discussed the E911 agreement between the city and Winston County, as well as accepting bids for the plywood project during its December 8, 2015 recessed meeting held at City Hall.

Mayor Will Hill had recently met with the Winston County Board of Supervisors to discuss E911. During that meeting, Hill stated he had received notice from the Louisville Board of Aldermen regarding the 90-day notice of the termination of the E911 agreement between the City of Louisville and Winston County.

Now the board would need to address the issue. Hill stated that the aldermen would not need to take any action at the time regarding the letter. He did inform the aldermen that he had spoken with Winston County Board Attorney Hugh Hathorn on the subject.

“I asked him for permission to report to the board that the wording of the letter is termination or to revisit,” Hill said. “The intent is not to terminate the agreement for the sake of taking over operations but to leave it open to revisit if it needs to be amended.”

Hill then asked for a motion to acknowledge the letter in the minutes. A motion was made, which was seconded. The board passed the motion unanimously.

The meeting began with the invocation and Pledge to Allegiance, followed with the board discussing and approving the December 1, 2015 meeting minutes. Those minutes included information regarding the plywood project, such as the overall committed funds of the project totaling to $45 million dollars, with 39 million dollars already set aside for the project.

After the approval of the minutes, the meeting shifted to new business. The first item of discussion was for the board members to approve payments for the Winston Plywood project. The aldermen were informed that the payments totaled over $4 million dollars.

Construction manager of the plywood project Justin McDonald gave a detailed review of all the items and scope of work that the $4 million dollars would cover. McDonald also informed the aldermen that 64 percent of the entire plywood project was completed at this time.

McDonald then informed the aldermen that the overall committed funds for the project was totaled at $45 million dollars. Funds that are currently used or accessed is $39 million dollars.

McDonald stated that there would be two more packages to bid on. The dates for the bids would be December 11.

McDonald informed the aldermen that primary power to the plywood plant would be functional within a week.

After McDonald addressed the board, Mayor Will Hill asked for a motion to approve payments for Winston Plywood in the amount of $4 million. A motion was made, which was seconded. The board approved the motion unanimously.

The next item of discussion was the accepting of bids for equipment needed at the plywood plant. McDonald suggested the board accept the bid of Lavender Inc. out of Aliceville, AL for $2,011,000. Another bid was also received, in which McDonald stated that it was being revisited with a renovation of the scope of work with that particular package as well.

In other news, the board:
•Approved resolution of final approval to grant tax exemption to Polo Custom Products for a five year tax exemption on personal property except school tax
•Approved annual contract with BBI for $ 13,330.00 for hardware and software support
•Approved a 50% discount for Winston Medical Center building permits
The Louisville Board of Aldermen adjourned until its next meeting on December 15, 2015 at City Hall. During this meeting the board:
•Approved corrections to Zoning Petition from Winston Medical Foundation to rezone property on East Main from R-1 to B-2
•Accepted bid recommendation for Winston Plywood & Veneer for Plant Ducting
•Accepted bid recommendation for Winston Plywood & Veneer for Equipment Foundation & Supports

The Louisville Board of Aldermen was set to hold its next meeting on Jan. 5, 2016.