All roads are to downtown Louisville

By Joseph McCain

The Winston County Journal


Three years ago a tornado ripped through Winston County and caused damage throughout the county as well as taking a toll on the streets on Louisville.

With the help of FEMA and MEMA through the Sandy Hurricane Recovery Act law, the city gained funding to repair/ or improve 60 streets and make 27 drainage improvements.

This project will be the largest capital improvement project in the history of Louisville with a budget of $4.9 million.

While the city received a “notice to proceed” in November, the project has been on hold until warmer weather. With the improved weather, citizens will witness the street repair beginning in several areas.

“These repairs and improvements would not be possible without FEMA and MEMA,” said Hill.

In addition to the street repairs and drainage improvements, the city will also have add armed-mast traffic signal poles at each corner of four popular intersections for the traffic signals. City leaders feel the “aesthetic impact” of the new traffic signals ┬áis part of the investment but safety is the key component.

“While aesthetics are important, the safety of the residents and visitors is paramount and the upgraded traffic signals will benefit and increase safety,” according to city leaders.

In addition to these repairs, sidewalk repairs to the central business district is part of the scope of work after the street and drainage projects are completed.