An Ellison Ridge Thanksgiving: From ours to yours

We have always enjoyed Thanksgiving out here in the southern Mississippi pastureland.  We have always enjoyed it ever since I was or even was thought of! I always decorate for Christmas before my birthday, which is the week before Thanksgiving, and I put up my tree—which is multicolored this year! Some of the families out here enjoy Thanksgiving Day with their families, and some prepare fabulous feasts for all their families to join them.  We have always enjoyed Thanksgiving with my mother’s family from New Orleans, and now that my mother’s sister is gone, we have all developed our own traditions, and we now spend Thanksgiving with my sister and her husband, and sometimes extended family.  But some recipes are just always staples, wherever we are, and the dressing and giblet gravy recipes I have for you this week are over the top magnificent—and truly southern and  mouthwatering!  I have additionally provided for you a recipe for my cheesy green bean and mushroom casserole that is sure to please anyone who has a brain and a mouth! Yummy!!! I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast! Establish new traditions, and hug your loved ones. And if you’re just getting this journal and trying to find something to prepare, well, you have a little time left, but you had better get started! I love you readers! Enjoy!!!

Aunt Robin’s Southern Dressing

Note:  This is my aunt Robin Rogers Livingston’s recipe (just the way she told it to me) ha ha … I called her and got the recipe because I couldn’t find it in my stash of millions of recipes! I like my aunt Robin’s dressing the best (even over my mama’s) because it is so moist.  My mother never could make dressing taste right for some reason-but don’t you dare tell her that! Ha!  You will want to save this festive and magnificent southern treat!

1 lg. turkey breast with 1 lg. pkg. turkey wings (or with1 lg. hen)

1 lg. pan cornbread*

1 box chicken stove top stuffing

Half stack saltine crackers

1 stick butter, melted

1 lg onion, chopped

1 can Campbell’s cream of chicken soup

1 envelope Lipton cream of chicken soup (several envelopes come in a box-only use one envelope)

6 lg. eggs, well-beaten

1 cup sweet milk

Cover turkey breast and turkey wings in a lg. boiling pot w/ water (or a lg. hen).  Cut up onions over in this.  Cook until tender and done. Save broth and onions.  Save about half cup turkey meat for your giblet gravy at the end. Pour broth and onions over cooked cornbread, add crushed crackers and stuffing mix (don’t prepare stuffing mix, all you need is the stuffing part and the seasoning part) and half stick butter, cream of chicken soup, and then add well beaten eggs, and sweet milk.  Mix all together. Pour in large buttered roasting pan.  Bake at 400 until brown on top.  Then cut down on 300 and cook until it is firm in the middle.  Just check it as you go.  *Cornbread recipe on the side of the Martha White self-rising corn meal bag is the best to use in this dressing. If you desire sweeter cornbread, then you can make Jiffy cornbread.  It is delicious as well!

Robin’s Homemade Giblet Gravy

Note:  This is a side to the dressing above.  Most of my northern friends have no idea what I’m talking about when I say I want some “giblet gravy” with that! This is a good recipe!

Half stick butter, melted

1 tsp. self-rising flour

2 cups broth (from turkey cooked for Thanksgiving)

1 boiled egg, chopped up

Chopped turkey meat (from your turkey)

1 envelope Lipton cream of chicken soup (several envelopes come in a box-only use one envelope)

Mix all this well until it is thick.  Pour over dressing and use cranberry sauce to complement it.

Brock’s Cheesy Green Bean & Mushroom Casserole

Note:  This is a cheesy feast! The addition of mushrooms, sour cream and mayonnaise makes this a top-notch recipe for Thanksgiving Day! Everyone will love it!

4 cans French style green beans, drained

3 small cans mushrooms (stems & pieces), drained

1 large can cream of mushroom soup

16 oz. sour cream

1 cup Blue Plate mayonnaise

12 oz. shredded Velveeta cheese

1 large bag French fried onion rings topping

1 stick butter, melted

Place beans and mushrooms in a 13×9 casserole dish.  Mix soup, sour cream and mayonnaise together well, and pour evenly over the beans and mushrooms.  Top evenly with cheese.  Then top with the onion rings.  Melt butter and pour evenly over onion rings.  Bake at 350 for about 35-40 min. covered, or until bubbly and onion rings are golden brown.

Editor’s note:  Brock Wetherly Rogers is an experienced southern food writer, educator, overseas traveler, and passionate student of the culinary and pastry arts.  E-mail your comments to him at , or find him on Facebook at Brock’s Bites-Southern Recipes.