Arbor Day celebrated with the help of FFA and Ag I students

Submitted by Brenda G. Keen
Master Gardener

On Thursday, February 11, 2016, the FFA students and Ag I students of Noxapater helped with the planting of 10 trees at the Noxapater Park. These trees were planted in memory of the 10 victims that lost their lives in the tornado that struck Louisville on April 28, 2014. The students planted and mulched the trees, which will help beautify the park for years to come.

An Arbor Day celebration followed on Friday, February 12, 2016. Yellow ribbons were placed on the trees in memory of each person that lost their life during the tornado. The celebration was a success and helps to keep us aware that we should all plant trees to replenish the Earth.

Mr. Sammie Carter, Mayor of Noxapater, came and observed while the students planted the trees. Mr. Carter had a good time reflecting back to when he was in FFA and shared some of the stories he remembered when he was a teen.

The Arbor Day program and the tree planting was completed under the direction of Mike Skipper, MSU Winston County Extension Agent.
A special thanks goes out to the students and their teacher for the help with planting the trees. Also, thanks goes out to Mr. Lester Estes for helping with site selection and a thank you to Mr. Sammie Carter for allowing the Arbor Day program.

Mid South Nursery provided the 10 beautiful trees that were planted at the park. Some of the selections planted were a weeping redbud tree, deodar cedar, ball cypress, crytemeria, southern magnolia, Japanese maple, willow oak and a saw-tooth oak.

In the past Firewise, under the direction of Brenda Keen has provided assistance with the park to keep it beautiful. There have been cleanup days and debris removal from the roof of the facility to keep the park safe in the event of a fire. The Winston County Board of Supervisors funded this program.

The Town of Noxapater is proud of the park. Many people use the facility, the playground and the walking trail. If you have never visited the park, stop by, take a walk, view the new memorial trees and enjoy the beauty. I promise, you will be back!

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