Art After Dark scheduled for Winston County

By Mary Snow

It’s been some time since I have written an article…something that I have missed, but there are times when each one of us needs to step back and regroup. Guess that is what I have been doing.

And though I would love to write about my armadillo escapades… sustainability and organic farming…herbs…our students in our county, I just cannot because there is an exciting event about to happen that warrants an article.

“Art After Dark”, a fundraiser for our beloved Strand Theater, will kick off the fall season on Saturday night, September 29th from 6pm to 9pm. at Market Café on Main Street. It is an opportunity to see and purchase fine art…it is an opportunity to support the continued efforts to save our Strand Theater sponsored by our Red Hills Arts Foundation.

This event will offer live music, pottery demonstrations, a raffle, fine paintings, books, stained glass, jewelry, sculpture and just lots of fun! Local Red Hills Arts Association member artists as well as a other out of county Mississippi artists who were told about this event and expressed an interest in coming will have booths set up…you may speak with the artists, hear their stories and purchase their work with a portion of the proceeds going to our theater.

We welcome singer/songwriter Abbye West Pates, a native of Waynesboro, Mississippi, now living in Memphis. Her story-driven songs speak of struggle through faith, relationships and grief; but also the joy of a life fully lived. She has just released her first album, “Leaving the Shadows”. Joining her will be Matthew Clark, a native of Louisville and son of one of our event organizers, Susan Clark.

Trying to answer all of the questions…who, what, when, where and how much…so, here’s the how much (think all others are answered). There are several ways to enter this art event. Tickets of $20 each will allow you to enter the site, enter the raffle and have refreshments. These tickets may be purchased at The Jewel Shoppe as well as Market Café. If you pay with a check made out to Red Hills Arts Foundation, this is tax deductible. Tickets will also be available at the door.

Another way of entering the event site is with your Market Café Dinner Receipt; so, plan to eat out Saturday, September 29th at Market Café and you will automatically be allowed to enter the art event. Also, if you purchase a $40 Market Café gift card, your receipt will allow you to enter the art event as well. Many thanks to Alice and Johnny Wooten and Market Café for making this event possible…they have been so generous in the preparation.

So why are we trying to save this facility? Why should any community want to preserve their history? Why is this important especially “in these times”?

These are very personal questions…questions that each one of us must answer for ourselves. As an artist, I do know that the arts effect each person daily…you may not think so, but they do. I do know that preserving historic buildings in our community is extremely important especially for our future. I am certain that one day our Strand Theater will have an economic impact in our community. I do know that our local artists and students of the arts need a home in our community as well as a supportive community.

If you have not joined the Red Hills Arts Foundation which is the driving force behind The Strand Theater Project, you will have an opportunity to join with your tax deductible membership. Please make every effort to attend this event…we need participation! We need you! Spread the word!

Let’s kick start this event as our first annual “Art After Dark”.

Live well. Editor’s note: Mary Snow is an active community member and coowner of The Jewel Shoppe in Louisville.