Attention Postal Customers:


Spring time has arrived, and while we all enjoy the warmer weather, it brings a problem we ask for your help in preventing.

Children are now out playing after school and many will soon be home all day. In their youthful excitement, many run out to meet our carriers as they approach the mailbox for delivery. No one thinks more of and enjoys greeting your children more than our carriers, and that is why we ask your assistance in discussing with and cautioning your children about these situations which can put them at risk for accidents and injuries:

1. Danger of running toward a moving mail vehicle. Wait at a safe distance until it stops.

2. Removing mail from the box before vehicle leaves. Again, wait at a safe distance.

3. Riding bicycles too close to a vehicle, moving or still.

4. Standing in front of the mailbox as carrier approaches. Once again, safe distance.

5. Standing in front of or behind the stopped carrier’s vehicle.

6. “Hitching” to a vehicle from skateboard, bicycle, etc.

7. Leaving toys in front of mailbox.

8. Playing between parked cars.

9. Climbing onto a stopped mail vehicle.

10. Crossing the street to mailbox without double checking traffic.

The mailman will not hand the mail to any child at the box so please do not let your child come near the box during delivery. Also, please caution children against tampering with the mailbox or mail of others. This is a Federal offense with serious repercussions.

Our goal is to give you prompt reliable service at the same time ensuring the safety of the public and our employees. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

Betty Roach


Louisville MS 39339