‘Aubrie’s Angels’ project presented to Louisville JA

Mrs. Martha Mills, guest speaker at the May 2012 monthly meeting, presented “Aubrie’s Angels” to members of the Winston County Junior Auxiliary. The idea of “Aubrie’s Angels” was conceived in Gallatin, TN in 2010 as a result of Mollie Mills Sheppard, Winston County native, giving birth to micropreemie twins in 2008. Aubrie, the firstborn, weighed a mere 17 ounces and only lived approximately 24 hours. Daxton, the second twin, was born two weeks later and weighed a mere 23 ounces. Daxton had the prayers, love, attention, and overwhelming support from his family, his friends, and many acquaintances. This 23 ounce little boy who was not suppose to survive has amazed everyone. He has thrived and now, instead of walking, he runs everywhere. He is a true miracle. After much thought and prayers of thanksgiving for Daxton, Mollie began the program “Aubrie’s Angels” to honor her first born who only lived a few hours. Aubrie’s Angels collects and donates educational and developmental toys to children who are developmentally delayed. This program was introduced in Winston County in 2011. The developmentally delayed class at Noxapater Elementary School, which serves all of Winston County, was the first recipient of the toys purchased in 2011. The Junior Auxiliary looks forward to working in partnership with Aubrie’s Angels in providing much needed educational and developmental toys to eligible needy children in Winston County. Mrs. Mills presented the JA with a special needs swing from “Aubrie’s Angels” which will be placed at Ivy Park to be used by all children. JA has been actively involved in the many improvements at Ivy Park and furnished new playground equipment from the proceeds of finance projects conducted by the Winston County Junior Auxiliary. The JA members are very grateful to all who support its local chapter and make it possible for JA to reach out into the community and support numerous projects such as that at Ivy Park.