Battle of the Badges’ Blood Drive a success

From press & staff reports

Residents of Winston County came out and showed their support of emergency personnel by giving a small part of themselves during last week’s “Battle of the Badges” Blood Drive held at the Louisville City Hall.

The blood drive was held July 21 from noon to 6 p.m. in conjunction with the MBS Road to Life 8 Blood Drive Promotion, with registered donors being entered for a chance to win a 2016 Jeep Renegade from Mac Haik Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Flowood and Mississippi Blood Services.

Even with the opportunity for donors to win a vehicle, the “Battle of the Badges” Blood Drive had only one winner, which were the future patients in need of blood.
By 5 p.m. about 30 persons had donated during the blood drive with two of the participants denoting they proudly represented the Police Department.

Donors received a free commemorative T-shirt as well as entered into the drawing.
Each person has about 10 pints of blood in their body and can typically donate one pint at a time, according to the Red Cross. Although about 38 percent of the U.S. population is eligible to donate blood at any given time, less than 10 percent of that eligible population actually does so each year.


Kayla Rogers awaits her chance to donate blood.

It’s not just law enforcement and fire fighters who need blood donors. Hospital patients throughout the state of Mississippi rely on the generosity of strangers every day and not just the medical professionals and emergency workers that tend to their illnesses or injuries. There are people from all walks of life who will need blood and that blood comes from just one source: volunteer blood donors.

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