Beautification Day held at Dean Park

by Elmetra Patterson

It was a beautiful day for beautification of Dean Park on Saturday,
March 9, 2013.

The wind was high but so was the temperature as various groups joined
in with the Friends of Dean Park, Inc. to help maintain the beauty of
the park.

The Girl Scouts, Troop 20012, with their leader Rita Eichelberger and
assistant Crystal Young raked and haul pine straw to various places
in the park for mulching. 4 H-Club Leader and Master Gardener Jean
Harper and several 4 H-Club members moved pruned material to the
dumpster. NAACP president, Charles Hampton pruned the crepe myrtles
and other plants. Master Gardeners, Ed Waldron and Bob Cline pruned
roses and hauled pine straw and placed it around plants after old
mulch was removed.

Another group cleared old material from some of the 12 Raised Garden
Beds and transplanted lettuce and onion. This group included Olivia
Eiland and Master Gardeners Daniel Mittan, Janice Hopkins and Elmetra
Patterson. In a few days they will plant some early peas behind the
beds if weather permits.

FODP was pleased to have Dean Park Commissioners Claudell Weaver and
Supervisor Gloria Turnipseed present to assist and entertain
questions about their responsibility to the park. A great lunch of
hotdogs, nachos and cheese with drinks was served to the group for

This was a very successful event but there is more to do. The youth
and master gardeners received credit for 4 – 5 hours for community
service. For information on how you can accumulate community services
hours from Dean Park for scholarships and college admission, please
contact Elmetra Patterson, 510. 672-2106 or Elder Richard Moncrief,