Bishop visits Sacred Heart

From press reports

Mildred Wilson beamed as she came into Sacred Heart Church for Mass Saturday, Sept. 8. Not only did her parish church have a new look from recent renovations, but she was greeted at the door by Bishop Joseph N. Latino.

In the early 1940’s Mrs. Wilson’s family used to host Mass in their home before the church was built. Throughout the Mass Saturday evening she radiated an inner joy that could only come from years of keeping the faith alive in her small Winston County community.

> According to Dr. Barbara Sturbaum, lay ecclesial minister for Sacred Heart and St. Therese in Kosciusko, the church in Louisville underwent significant interior renovations. The ceiling was lowered so that insulation could be installed to absorb the summer heat.

Add in updated lighting and sound, fresh paint and carpet, and you have a very dignified worship space for this long established Catholic community.

“Our community came together, supported the project and worked hard to see it through,” Sturbaum said. “We are extremely pleased with our new sanctuary and know it will provide many years of beautiful liturgies for our Catholic family in Winston County,” she added.

Bishop Latino complimented the parish on the renovation which took almost four months. During the project the parish celebrated Mass in the assembly room downstairs in the church. “Renovations can be hard on communities, but you have certainly persevered and created a lovely house of worship in which to praise God and celebrate the Eucharist. May you experience many years of joy and inspiration as a faith community,” Bishop Latino said.