Board of Supervisors discuss road work and LMSD Election

By Anna Katharine Baskin

The Winston County Journal


The Winston County Board of Supervisors met on Monday, July 15 with elections and roadwork topping the discussions.

Mr. David Goss then made a presentation regarding roadwork in District 4. Mr. Goss informed the supervisors that there was a private, unnamed road that extended beyond a public road in District 4. Goss requested that the private road be named; however, that road was not listed on the road registry.

Since the supervisors could only go by the roads listed on the road registry, the private road could not be given a name nor worked by the county.

It was decided that there would be a meeting on July 24 in order to finalize the 911 situation. The meeting will include news of the new representation from the city and the county.

The County Fire Departments made the request to buy two pieces of equipment. One of these pieces would help access water for the water hydrants more efficiently. The other piece of equipment is a low profile strainer that allows the fire truck pump to release more water. This would reduce travel time for the fire truck.

There will be a Louisville Municipal School Board Election for District 1 on November 5, 2013 according to Circuit Clerk Kim Ming. Qualifying will start in August, and the qualifying deadline will be in October. An article including more details on the election will be in the July 24 edition of the Winston County Journal.

• The Board opened with the approval of Board Minutes from the July 1, 2013 meeting. The Cash in Bank report that ended in June 30, 2013 was approved. Then, the request of a blanket order to pay utility bills and Dish Network was approved.

• There were personnel changes at the WCCRCF including three new employees. The bill for drug testing at the correctional facility will also be higher than normal because of the increase in employees.

• One of the city sewage pumps was damaged due to a bag a cell phones being flushed down a prison toilet.

• The purchase of a flap for the printer in the Accounts Payable Office was approved. The court reporter expenses were approved.

• Newell Paper & Dement Printing Demand Checks were approved.

• The list of the City of Louisville Board Appointments was read to the supervisors.

• The Solid Waste car tag hold list was approved, and the Board was informed of the receipt of the County Fire Rebate Fund by the Mississippi Insurance Department.

The board is in session all month for examination of the tax rolls during July.

The next regular Board of Supervisors Meeting will be on August 5, 2013.