Board of Supervisors

The Winston County Board of Supervisors were given a proposal for job services being offered to older adults during their regular meeting held on May 20.

Supervisors were given a brief introduction to the Experience Works organization by Mangle Shanks, Employment and Training Coordinator for the organization. Shanks began by explaining that Experience Works is a national, charitable, community-based organization that provide training, employment, and community service for low-income older people.

The organization is non-profit, and is funded by grants, contracts and foundations, and contributions from organizations and individuals. The organization believes that older people should have the opportunity to learn new skills and contribute to their communities throughout their lives. In turn the organization assists with using community service to train while on the job and as a path to employment. This assists employers so they can take full advantage of the talents of older workers.

Shanks wanted the board to know that she was requesting to know if the city and county would be interested in having this organization brought to the area. If they were interested, the organization would only request an office space that was available.

Members of the board decided to table the issue until the next meeting, which would give the county attorney enough time to review all the information regarding the organization being brought into the city and county.

Also, officials of Dean Park have reported vandalism and theft at the park. A car show was held at the park on Mother’s Day.  The next day, the concession stand, which was left in care of representatives of the car show, was burglarized for a small deep freezer, microwave oven, and mini-refrigerator.

After the discovery of the missing items, officials reported the next day that the door and frame to the mechanical room of the Solar Panel System room was damaged. Officials of the park have requested an investigation into both matters, as well as requests for locks and chains to bar the entrances of the park when not in use.

Officials also requested for funds to be used to repair the door and frame. Supervisors discussed this, and decided to have someone of their choice inspect the damage and see if it can be repaired before using any funds.

In other news, the board:

  • Approved demand check Beau Rivage/Hugh Hathorn/MAS Convention.
  • Approved demand check to Hampton Inn/Gloria Turnipseed, Larry Duran/MAS Convention.
  • Approved demand check Hilton Garden Inn, Tupelo; Chancery Clerk Summer Conference.
  • Approved bid for Hi-Comp for AS-400.
  • Approved ads for DYW Anna Claire Webb and Winston County Miss Hospitality Raychel Reed. $450 full page ad and $350 full page ad.
  • Approved all Election Commissioners to attend June workshops.
  • Approved demand check to Chancery Clerk Court account money deposited in error to general fund.
  • Approved transfer of indirect costs of WCCRCF to common county.
  • Approved Lexis Nexis payment for Justice Court, #164.30.
  • Approved dues to MS Prosecutors Association for Kiley Kirk, $100.
  • Approved personnel changes at WCCRCF—new hires Sangster and Brown.
  • Approved bid and purchase for dump truck for District 2.
  • Approved motion for purchase of security locks and chains for entrances to Dean Park.
  • Approved payment for repair of bathroom at Dean Park.

The Winston County Board of Supervisors will hold their next regular meeting on June 3, 2013.