Board takes steps regarding Jake’s Recycling

By Daniel Brunty
The Winston County Journal

The Louisville Board of Aldermen discussed disaster recovery payments, as well as the lease of land at Jake’s Recycling during their

July 1 meeting held at City Hall.
The meeting began with the approval of minutes that included changes, followed by a resolution honoring Gerald Hayes upon his retirement after 27 years of service to the City of Louisville as a member of the Louisville Police Department. The board also read a resolution honoring Otis Eichelberger upon retirement after 40 years of service as the Street Superintendent.
The board made a motion to adopt both resolutions, with both motions passing unanimously. The next topic on the agenda was to adopt the resolution declaring the continuing Local Emergency Proclamation for the next thirty days, effective June 29 through July 27. The emergency proclamation must be renewed every 30 days until the emergency and cleanup are completed. A motion was made and it was approved unanimously by the board.
Next was the topic of payments regarding the airport terminal project. It was to authorize payments upon receipt of FAA funds plus city funds to Kemp Associates for $2,913.50 and to Davidson Hauling for $32,935.50 for application No. 9 for the Terminal Building Project. A motion was made, and it was approved unanimously by the board.
The board then addressed the Natron Community Development Block Grant Project. The topic of this was to authorize payments to Southern Electric for $57,037.42 and to Calvert-Spradling Engineers for $7,000 and acknowledge submission of request for funds from MDA CDBG. Mayor Will Hill explained that these were some outstanding services that were done by these companies before the storms. A motion was made, and it was passed unanimously by the board.
The board then accepted bids for supplies for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. After a motion, the board approved the bids unanimously. Next was to authorize the mayor to sign an agreement with an architectural firm for the Winston Plywood Project. Hill informed the board members that they had received the proposals that afternoon. He explained after scoring the proposals, there were three submitted. Those that were submitted were JVHM Architecture, Pryor-Morrow, and McCarty Company. After review by the mayor, city clerk and city engineer, the recommendation was to authorize an agreement with Pryor-Morrow for the Winston Plywood Project. The motion passed unanimously by the board.
The board then approved a motion to pay Docket of Claims for June bills for $216,088.24, followed by approving a motion to authorize payments for the landfill project for Neal Shaffer ($11,693.89), Ronald Clark Logging ($28,000), Century Construction ($11,137.50), and Jantz ($151,096).
Mayor Hill then explained to the board before the next topic that the board needed to address an additional motion to authorize a contract change order for $10,000. This change order was involving FEMA guidelines regarding towers at the landfill. The funds were added to the Hensley Lee contract. After a brief discussion, the board unanimously approved the motion to authorize the contract change order for $10,000. It will be attached to the bill and will reflect on the bill.
The next topic was to authorize disaster related payments for Broaddus & Associates, True North, Hensley R. Lee, Hughes Management, and Taylor Tucker. A motion was made and all but True North were approved unanimously. The payment for True North was unknown during the time of the meeting, and was tabled until the board’s next meeting.
The board then approved unanimously a request to continue to employ Tony Harris as a part time Cemetery worker as needed at $8 per hour. The last item listed on the agenda was the acknowledgement of the July 4 holiday, which passed unanimously through the board.
Mayor Hill then addressed all the department heads. Ward 4 Alderman Eugene Crosby asked the board members about the progress at Jake’s Recycling. Last year, the city and Jake Rich agreed to a land swap dollar for dollar to move to property near Fire Tower Road after exchanging property near Railroad and Cagle and near Mett’s, and a purchase of additional city acreage adjoining the Fire Tower Road property for $20,000.
In order to give Rich and his family time to move the business to the Fire Tower Road property, the city leased Jake’s Recycling to most of the present property. Portion of the property was leased to Jake’s for 12 months and another portion was leased for 24 months. The deadline for Rich to move the business is in April of 2015.
After a brief discussion of this issue between the board members and the Mayor, a motion was made to request for the board attorney to send Rich an eviction notice of the non-leased city property for 30 days. This means that Rich would need to have the non-leased city property portion of the business cleared off before the 30-day deadline.
The Louisville Board of Aldermen was set to meet July 15 at City Hall in Louisville.