Boys and Girls Club seeks immediate funding

From press and staff reports

The Winston County Boys and Girls Club has started a new fundraising campaign and is hoping to receive the community’s support to reach its goal of $10,000 and continue to operate until end of the school year. The Boys and Girls Club board members, staff and children who attend will be asking individuals in the community for a donation to support the organization and organizers encourage all to give to the fundraising efforts. Organizers remind all those looking to give that “It Just Takes One” person to have a large impact on a child’s life. The Club relies on local funding to help support all the programs they run for children who attend. With the economy as it is, many businesses that have been regular supporters of the Boys and Girls Club have had to cut back on the funding they have been able to provide which led the Club to reach out to the individuals in the community as another fundraising option. The Boys and Girls Club offers an after-school program and a summer program. The Club has approximately 100 children involved in the after-school program and about 200 usually participate in the summer program. The Club has special teen programs and activities for the younger children during the after-school program. For the summer program, the children take field trips. All of the funds raised through the campaign will be put in the general fund of the Boys and Girls Club. The funds would be used for supplies and the needs of the day-to-day operation of the Boys and Girls Club and to support the programs for the children. Individuals can mail in a donation or they can drop it off at the Boys and Girls Club. The Club’s board and staff encouraged community members to visit the Club and they would be given a tour of the facilities so they can see where the money would be spent. Checks, which should be made out to the Boys and Girls Club of Winston County, can be mailed to The Boys and Girls Club of Winston County, PO. Box , Louisville, MS 39339. The Club’s after-school program starts at 2:30 p.m. For questions or more information, call the Boys and Girls Club at 662-779-1169. Correction In last week’s Progress edition of the Winston County Journal on March 28, 2012, the article entitled “Boys & Girls Club looking to a brighter future” had an incorrect telephone number in regards to contacting the Boys & Girls Club. The correct number to contact the Boys & Girls Club of Winston County is 662-779-1169. We apologize for any discrepancies this may have caused.