Bridge maintenance on Old Robinson Road proceeding

By Daniel Brunty
The Winston County Journal

Many residents who travel Old Robinson Road in Winston County have noticed maintenance being done to its bridge the past few months, causing a

The maintenance on the road and bridge was initiated by the Board of Supervisors for Winston County, and is being overseen by County Engineer Jimmy Kemp. The project is being done under the state’s Federal Aid Bridge Replacement Project No. BR-0080(30)B. In its May 6, 2013 meeting, the Winston County Board of Supervisors acknowledged permit authorization for the Old Robinson Road Project from MDOT. In October, the Board approved open bids for the project, choosing the engineering firm JJ Ferguson out of Greenwood with their bid of $895,691.35.
The project, which has a total projected cost of $1,050,000, is around 40 percent complete at this time. Kemp explained the process of the BR projects compared to State Aid Road Projects. “This particular money is actually awarded to the state through the Federal Highway Administration,” Kemp said. “It is spread based on the deficit bridges that you have in a state. Part of that money goes to the state itself for state highways and then some it goes to the counties. MDOT has a hand in deciding which of the bridges, particularly the Office of State Aid Road Construction, get funding. These funds are on a first come, first serve basis. It is not like state aid funds. State aid funds are allocated to the counties based on an allocation formula.”
Kemp also gave a background of the road itself. “This particular case, Old Robinson Road, which most folks here in Winston County knows it as the old former Highway 25,” Kemp said. “At that particular time, when four-lane Hwy 25 was opened up, Robinson Road reverted back to the city and county. This piece that is being worked on happens to be in the county.”
Kemp then gave details to the project. “Another thing makes this project unique is it has a 522-foot box culvert that runs adjacent to the roadway,” Kemp said. “That is there in order for us to have the remedial work performed that we need to in order to keep the roadway from continuing to slump. When we finish with that, we will put the dirt back on top of it and stabilize the slope. The bridge itself will have a 28-foot clear roadway width. The travel surface will be 28 feet wide, and also guardrails will be installed.”
Kemp and the Board are hoping to have this project done before the start of next year, and plans for the next BR projects are already in place. “The next one that we have, which is already designed and on the shelf, has two smaller structures on it,” Kemp said. “Site A is on Mill Creek Road, just south of the intersection with Brooksville Road. Site B will be on Shiloh Road. We are hoping we will be able to advertise for this project soon. I just sent an inquiry in to the state to see when they could let us advertise for bids. The next one we would like to do after that is the Mt. Pleasant Road bridge crossing the Noxapater River.”DSC_0052