Building a strong marriage: Falling in love all over again

Submitted by: Building Strong Families Healthy Marriage Project a U.S.
Health and Human Services initiative.

It is sad to say and hard to accept by many, but love sometimes ends.
Marriages fail. Relationships collapse. The flames of love die out.
Whatstarted out with so much promise sometimes ends in disaster.
Couples who fell passionately in love once now find themselves
hopelessly and painfully out of love. It happens. It hurts.
Unfortunately, it is so painful for those who struggle to get over it.
As most folks know, the divorce rate among married couples in the
United States runs about 50%. We might add, there are no credible
comparable statistics for those who are not married but who simply
were in love but fell out of love. Whatever that number is, it is
clear that too many couples end their loving relationship. The
reasons are multiple and varied. But the outcome is the same – love
ends for many. Why that happens is a discussion for another day.
On the other hand, many couples whose flames of love are extinguished
often decide to strike another match. They decide to re-light the
fire of love. They decide to fall in love all over again. It is so
important to focus on sustaining existing marriages. The purpose of
this article is to encourage married couples to experience falling
in love on a long-term basis all over again.
There is good news for couples that work through their marriage
problems and remain faithful to their marriage vows. Studies show
that 77% of marriages rated “not good” at one point are rated “good”
or “very good” five years later. Studies that follow couples as they
marry, divorce, or remain single indicate that marriage, on average,
boosts the psychological health of both adults and children.
Overall, research strongly supports the idea that marriage matters
for women’s, men’s, and children’s, psychological health.
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