Busy summer at Eiland Middle School for teachers and others

From staff reports

The Louisville Municipal School District leaders have added a partner and put Eiland Middle School Buildings to full use this summer.

LMSD has teamed up with Program of Research and Evaluation for Public Schools (PREPS), Inc and Mississippi State University to offer teacher seminars at Eiland Middle School.

LMSD and PREPS recently hosted 42 teachers and 6 school districts for a program on Implementing the Common Core Learning Standards for Mathematics (Grades K–5). The 42 teachers were refreshed in helping students focus on math and help provide fluency in math to the students.

Dr. Cindy Ward, Executive Director for the Center for Educational Partnerships and PREPS explained she was excited with the partnership with LMSD and the positive role it could play in instructing teachers.

“We are really excited to be here and hope to build this as a part of our program and offerings,” said Ward about the PREPS and LMSD partnership.

The Program of Research and Evaluation for Public Schools (PREPS), Inc. is a private non-profit consortium of school districts whose purpose is to develop and implement educational products and services that help manage and support districts’ efforts to demonstrate improvement in their instructional programs. PREPS is supported by the College of Education at Mississippi State University and is housed in the Center for Educational Partnerships, the service division of the college. Collaboration among member districts enables the districts to benefit from the development of products and services that no single district is capable of developing alone such as the Partnership with LMSD. For the last decade (2000 -2010) PREPS has served at least 80 or more of the state’s 152 school districts annually. The six districts attending the EMS two day event were South Panola, Vicksburg/Warren, Alcorn, Lamar, Hancock, and Louisville.

The Math seminar like all of PREPS is dedicated to providing Mississippi administrators and teachers the latest information from educational experts and research and continually strives to provide the best possible services to each school district. CEU credits and SEMI credits are offered for many of the professional development opportunities such as the Math seminar at EMS.

A strong MSU partnership LMSD has also partnered with MSU to offer graduate level courses to area teachers.

The first MSU class is being held at Eiland Middle School and has 18 enrolled in the class.

The class aims to help those teachers enrolled to prepare for a MS degree in school administration and prepare each student for the 14 month school leadership program.

Dr. Terry Jayroe of the MSU College of Education recently noted that she was pleased that MSU was offering classes here and looking forward to a growing partnership with the district.

Richard Blackmon, the MSU Dean of Education, agreed with Jayroe at recent event at the EMS for the new cooperation effort.

“We are excited with the partnership with LMSD and hope to establish an environment that increases professional development and allows our students to get a better feeling of the real world by helping out in the classes at here (LMSD),” said Blackmon.

Dr. Jayroe also noted the partnership with the school district on CAPPS and other programs as well as plans to apply for other grants and continue the growth of the partnerships to help the students in the district and across the state.