Career and College event held at WA

From staff reports

High school students from Winston Academy took a closer look at their post-graduation options Thursday, October 18 during the First annual Career and College Exploration Event.

Winston Academy Junior and Seniors were introduced to some opportunities for career and colleges at the event. Recruiters from just over a half dozen areas of interest attended the event.

About 135 students and parents attended the event to discuss future options.

Students and parents were able to discuss with recruiters the majors available at each school, cost and scholarships and other funds available. “Hopefully this a profitable event for your sons and daughters,” said Judy Sanders, who helped organize the event.

She added that it was very important to start planting the seeds of future plans.

The college recruiters reviewed majors and the cost of attendance while the military recruiters focused on the character and career skills that can be built while serving.

With the choices the students are facing, Sanders it was especially important to get the parents to come out for the event. “It is so important that parents are involved with the students planning,” said Sanders.

The recruiters where treated to a meal prior to the event by Robert and Amanda Taylor at Quail Ridge Lodge.

MUW, MSU, Ole Miss, Delta State, ECCC, National Guard, MSU- Clep program and others were represented by recruiters. Winston Academy aims to make the College and Career event a yearly event.