Carr family reunion held


The descendants of Robert Lafayette Carr and Annie Mae Ingram Carr met Saturday, July 7, 2012, at Murphy Creek Baptist Church in Louisville, MS for an annual family reunion.

Delphia Hurt, daughter of Maxine Carr Hurt, opened the program and Rev. Grady Crowell led the family in prayer, remembering members who were ill or unable to attend. Registration was completed and name tags were distributed. And updating of the family genealogy was distributed. New family members both by birth and marriage were recognized.

Following the pledge of allegiance, family group pictures were taken.

Robert Lafayette Carr and Annie Mae Ingram Carr were blessed with eleven children. Members of nine of these families were represented this year.

Maggie Carr Crowell Family Rev. Grady Crowell of Quitman, MS was the only representative of this family present.

Emmette Carr Family: Lynn Hindman White along with her husband Bill and their son , Will, of Louisville, MS were present.

James Elmer Carr Family: Kenny Carr, his daughter Charly Ieremia and her husband Reid with their daughter Eve and Kenny’s other daughter Lee were all here from Willowbrooke, IL. David and Peggy Carr Feller, and their daughter, Jamie, as well as Keri Carr Espara and her children Isabella and Emmette Esparza all from Elgin, IL. Were also present with a guest Ilene Gonzales.

George Everett Carr Family: Roobert and Dorothy Taylor and their daughter Angela of Macon, MS; John and Patricia Carr Gauntt and son John Carr Gaunt and wife Amy Gaunt, John and Amy’s children Lena Gaunt Dawkins and her husband Derek and their sone Clark were present. John and Amy’s children, Nicole and Patrick, were present. George and Hazel’s third daughter, Camille Carr was present. These family members are all from Macon, MS.

Robert Therrell Carr Family: Dewane Carr and his wife Kathy of Louisville, MS and daughter Jamie Boydstun of Starkville, MS and Jean’s son and his family, Lee and Jennifer Boydstun and children Daniel and Olivia Smith and Rebecca Boydstun and guest Sarah Hartman of Livingston, AL. Johny Carr and Paulette McLeod of Louisville, MS and daughter Annice Hill of Sturgis; Joyce Hall and her children Tim and JoAnn Hall Clark and their son A.J. and Pattie Hall and children Amy, Sam, and Jed, all of Louisville, MS.

Maxine Carr Hurt Family: Maxine Carr Hurt and her daughter Delphia Sanders with her son Dylan and Alicia Sanders and children, Chloe, Grave,and Ava Sanders. Mickey and Cindy Hurt and their grandchildren Emily Cocheran; Gary Hurt and wife Luvith Hurt and Vivian Skye Hurt all of Hattiesburg, MS.

Margaret Carr Rogers She is the daughter of Paula Rogers of Louisville, MS. There were no descendants of Mable Carr Hurt, Harold Carr, or Miron Carr present. The next Carr family reunion will be the first Saturday in July 2013 at Murphy Creek Baptist Church in Louisville, MS. all descendants of Robert Lafayette Carr and Annie Mae Ingram are encouraged to attend.