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Good point

Daniel Brunty’s article in the August 17th issue was very good.  I agree that considering opinions different from our own can broaden our perspective and that we can learn from doing so.  We don’t have to agree with … Read more

Editorial roundup

MDE messes up on grant money

The Mississippi Department of Education certainly seems to have trouble keeping up with numbers these days.

The accountability ratings based on results from the 2014-2015 school year didn’t come out until last month, more … Read more

Opinions should vary in order to make the world better

Daniel Brunty


With the presidential election upcoming, many people have taken to providing their opinions about the candidates as well as giving opinions on the world in general.

Personally, I think that a diversity of opinions is one of the great … Read more

Letters to the editor

The Iran Deal

The Iran Deal and less than two dollars per gallon gasoline. At this point I’m sure you are asking what does one have to do with the other allow me to explain. Before the partial lifting of … Read more

Editorial Roundup

Hot-car deaths: Err on mercy’s side

Grenada attorney Carlos Moore has a habit of overplaying the race card when representing his clients. He charges racism so often that after a while it’s easy to dismiss his knee-jerk allegations.

It’s difficult, … Read more

Republicans should adopt a theme song for 2016 election

With Donald Trump continuing to be an unkind, no decency human being, I feel the Republicans such as Paul Ryan and a huge list of others should adopt a theme song for the 2016 election and maybe apply it to … Read more

Letters to Editor

We count on the mail
By Chip Hutcheson
President/National Newspaper Association and
Publisher/The Times Leader, Princeton, KY
I got the mail today.

A couple of bills. A greeting card. Some catalogs. A newspaper. One package that my wife grabbed right … Read more

Good papers are honest information brokers

It’s just true. And time hasn’t changed it: Find a well-run, stable or progressive community and it will be served by a well-run local newspaper.

The Mississippi Press Association is observing its 150th birthday this year. Members gathered last month … Read more

Editorial Roundup

Trim the bloat in bureaucracy

When Mississippi legislative leaders announced recently a comprehensive study of the state’s tax structure and spending, they assigned one committee the task of examining the amount of bureaucracy involved in running state government. It’s an … Read more

Letters to the editor

Suggestion for newspaper

As subscriber and reader of the Winston County Journal, we have been impressed with the consistent quality of the WCJ. Besides, the WTJ catches and holds the reader’s interest. Joseph McCain and staff of WCJ gives us … Read more