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A 3 year joy ride

The past 3 years have been some of the brightest years of my life. Working with Joseph, my husband and publisher of the papers, day in and day out has proven to be one of the most positive work experiences … Read more

Clearing up questions

I am writing this to clarify last week’s column and to address the questions I received.

No, I don’t support Hillary Clinton. Yes, she has done some terrible things also. Her policies as Secretary of State got four Americans killed … Read more

Editorial roundup

No good news about budget

The evidence continues to grow about Mississippi’s budget: Spending will have to be cut because tax revenues are lower than expected. At a public hearing last week conducted by the Legislative Black Caucus, state health … Read more

Suggestion on returning to great

(Editor’s note: As a journalist, I do understand that unless you are Jonathan Swift you should not use sarcasm in your writing yet I have.)

A presumptive presidential nominee has implied that America is no longer great and while I … Read more

Editorial roundup

Does bully belong in White House?

Clearly, one of the major issues of the presidential general election — which barring some unforeseen development will be between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton — is whether Trump has the temperament … Read more

Letters to the editor

Unhappy with editor

I am not renewing my subscription to the “Winston County Journal” after many years of reading it to keep up with my many friends in Winston County, especially Noxapater area, where I graduated from high school. My … Read more

Editorial roundup

Cleveland mischaracterized

By Tim Kalich

Greenwood Commonwealth

At U.S. colleges and universities that still call themselves “historically black,” the percentage of students who are black averages about 80 percent.

To call a U.S. public school “historically white,” one would think … Read more

Letters to the Editor

To District Five Voters

I want to thank each of you who has voted for and supported me the last 25 years that I have been your election commissioner.

I will not be a candidate in the November 2016 election. … Read more

Be mom enough to quit

Mothers play an essential role in protecting their children from the impact of tobacco. Tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure are a leading cause of death among women. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 86,000 … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Alzheimer’s: Letter

By Lauren Varner Woodson

Dear Alzheimer’s,

First, I want to start off this letter by explaining to you that I do try to have the kindest heart towards everything. I try really hard not to judge, I bite … Read more