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Suggestion for newspaper

As subscriber and reader of the Winston County Journal, we have been impressed with the consistent quality of the WCJ. Besides, the WTJ catches and holds the reader’s interest. Joseph McCain and staff of WCJ gives us … Read more

Letters to the editor

What to do

For the last ten years, I have struggled to obtain child support. I have navigated the proper channels. The Department of Human Services (Child Support) has been slow, but effective, with helping me collect the money owed.… Read more

A family tradition continues



The Mississippi Press Association celebrated its 150th anniversary last week at the Golden Nugget casino in Biloxi.

After the Mississippi Bar Association and the Mississippi State Medical Association, it is the oldest state professional association.

Unlike the legal and … Read more

Letter to the editor

“Fathers” of our country

Only a day before July 1, 2016, Jane and I were having our daily devotional on the sun porch at our home in Columbus, Miss.

Our garden of flowers adjacent to the sun porch “says” good … Read more

Letters to the editor

About the Trump remarks

Editor-Publisher Joseph in his Wednesday, June 15, 2016 Editorial suggested the following: “ We Make America Great- Britain again !” Surely the editor writes this tongue-in-cheek piece in order to stimulate the WCJ readers to think … Read more

Editorial Roundup

HB 1523 a waste of focus and money

There was little doubt how a federal judge would rule on a Mississippi law enacted in protest to the U.S. Supreme Court decision last year that legalized gay marriage nationwide.

On Monday, … Read more

Letters to the editor

Who Am I?

By Cheryl W. Glenn

I’m not a world traveler, but I have traveled to some picturesque parts of the United States.

I used to work from 8 to 5 in the professional work force.

I’m not a … Read more

A 3 year joy ride

The past 3 years have been some of the brightest years of my life. Working with Joseph, my husband and publisher of the papers, day in and day out has proven to be one of the most positive work experiences … Read more

Clearing up questions

I am writing this to clarify last week’s column and to address the questions I received.

No, I don’t support Hillary Clinton. Yes, she has done some terrible things also. Her policies as Secretary of State got four Americans killed … Read more

Editorial roundup

No good news about budget

The evidence continues to grow about Mississippi’s budget: Spending will have to be cut because tax revenues are lower than expected. At a public hearing last week conducted by the Legislative Black Caucus, state health … Read more