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Editorial Roundup

Prepare for First grandma president

For 11 months, billionaire Donald Trump has upended conventional wisdom in his inexorable and unconventional march toward the Republican nomination for president.

When the GOP field was so crowded that you couldn’t get all the … Read more

Editorial Roundup

Licensure body is messed up

One can argue how long misbehaving educators should be punished by having their teaching licenses pulled.

A lot depends on the severity of their offense and how sincerely contrite they are for what they did. … Read more

Letters to the editor

Ramblin with Arlene

Praise the Lord everyone. What greater calling is there to be on our life than to be a worshipper and give praise to the Lord our God. You might say, well that don’t pay much. Well honey … Read more

2016 Session ends with some successes

By Rep. Michael Evans, Dist. 45

The 2016 Legislative session lasted 109 days, and it will undoubtedly be one for the record books. Some good bills passed, but many others were left on the floor when the House went sine … Read more

Editorial roundup

State treasurer exposes bad deal

Republican Lynn Fitch has had some run-ins with legislative leaders from her own party during her time as Mississippi’s state treasurer.

She blew, for instance, the whistle on the overmarketing and underfunding of the state’s … Read more

Letters to the Editor – 04/20/2016

The Big Problem Of Poverty In Winston County:  Especially Among Our Women & Children

According to the most current U.S. Census demographic statistics published in the 2014 “American Community Survey’s 5-Year Estimates”, 46.8% or almost one half of Winston County’s … Read more

Editorial Roundup – 04/20/2016

House Bill 1523 is a Trojan horse

House Bill 1523 is a law of symbolism, not of substance. It is unnecessary, redundant of religious protections that already exist in federal or state law.… Read more

Editorial Roundup – 04/13/2016

What bill is Bryant reading?
 If you read Gov. Phil Bryant’s explanation for signing House Bill 1523 — the controversial law that, depending on your perspective, either defends religious freedom or encourages discrimination against gays — you have to … Read more

Letters to the Editor – 04/06/2016

Enjoyed article

We enjoyed reading the article about the Great Depression written by  James W. Hunt in last week’s Journal. Mr. Hunt is a very interesting fellow, having lived a long interesting life and has much to share. The  idea … Read more

Update on actions in the House from Rep. Joey Hood of District 35

The majority of House committees met and worked diligently toward the end of last week and up until Tuesday of this week. By Tuesday, deadline day to move all general bills received from the Senate out of committee and onto … Read more