Trials in life make us stronger

Hanna McCain with her new cookbook, Products of Grandma Hanna's Skillet
Hanna McCain with her new cookbook, Products of Grandma Hanna's Skillet

Hanna McCain

I participate in Marc McCool’s Sunday school class at Noxapater Baptist Church every Sunday morning unless my husband and I oversleep. I use the word “participate” because it is more of a discussion class rather than a “sit … Read more

The good of helping others can overcome disaster

By Rep. Michael Evans, Dist. 43       

I join with my friends and neighbors from Winston County as we grieve the loss of innocent loved ones in the deadly tornadoes of April 28.
Not a one of us can understand why … Read more

Twisters tore up my hometown

Guest Columnist

Monday, April 28, while tuned into The Weather Channel, we watched in horror as the meteorologist showed the storm system that was barreling down on my hometown, Louisville, Miss. After several phone calls to check … Read more

Memories of our county – Picking Cotton

Nannie Maude Reynolds
Shares memories and thoughts about Winston County’s past.

I never liked to pick cotton. There is nothing pleasant about it. It is either too hot or too cold. The weather is in the process of changing from … Read more

Memories of our county – Hog Killing Day

Nannie Maude Reynolds shares memories and thoughts about Winston County’s past.

We looked forward from one year to the next, anticipating ‘hog killing’ day. We watched the weather religiously. The weather had to be just right and the cold spell … Read more

Winston Countians can rebuild stronger

Crews working late into the night.

Joseph McCain

There will always be reminders of the devastation that occurred Monday, April 28 yet I hope those reminders will be of how a community pulled together and rebuilt itself from the dust. In some places where homes once … Read more

Editorial roundup

Use income, not race on admissions

As race becomes less of a factor in opportunity in American society, it is natural that the country would gravitate away from affirmative action programs that were designed to make up for the  inequities … Read more

Another delay for Keystone XL

Editorial by Jack Ryan
Enterpise McComb Journal

The State Department took the path of least resistance on Friday, saying it would extend its review of the Keystone XL pipeline project to give other federal agencies more time to contribute their … Read more