Letter to the editor – Ramblin with Arlene

Praise the Lord everyone.  I believe spring is finally here, and it makes me feel so good.  Warm air is on the way, hopefully.  The grass is growing in our yard and is so pretty and green.  All the… Read more

Let’s be neighbors

Carolyn Mills
Provides a weekly view from the community.

This column cannot be called news, so we will call it comments on old news. This writer has been suffering with a sinus infection for more than three weeks and this … Read more

Sunshine Week brings advance in transparency efforts

Layne Bruce
Layne Bruce

Layne Bruce

Layne Bruce
Mississippi Press Association

JACKSON – Well, that’s more like it.

The state legislature this week passed two very important bills on to Gov. Phil Bryant for his consideration.

Both S.B. 2507 and H.B. 928 make … Read more

Memories of our county

Nannie Maude Reynolds shares memories and thoughts about Winston County’s past.

My mother sewed on our old treadle sewing machine. It was used as a bedside table when it was not in use for sewing. We had two double beds … Read more

Letter to the editor – Examining prophecies

Webster’s Dictionary describes an asteroid as a small planet that revolves about the sun mainly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Webster describes a meteoroid as any of the many small bodies which travel through interplanetary space and … Read more

Trash the stickers

A House-passed bill to eliminate state inspection stickers on automobiles should be brought up again next legislative session.

The Department of Public Safety had requested … Read more