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Letters to the Editor – 01/13/2016

Questions about road

I am a product of the Mt. Pleasant/Hathorn Community where my grandparents moved onto Stallo Rd in 1983 and today my mother still reside on the same road. My concern is the condition of the road in … Read more

Editorial Roundup – 01/06/2016

Legalizing pot hits stop

It’s hardly a surprise that a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in Mississippi barely got off the ground.

In a religiously conservative state where alcohol, more than 80 years after the end of Prohibition, is still … Read more

Letters to the Editor – 01/06/2016

A Sad, But True Story

The other day I visited a neighbor. The neighbor lives off of Highway 395, Noxapater. I decided to travel Elijah Graham Road West to get to Highway 395. As I traveled around a curve nearing … Read more

If you see something you agree or disagree with say something

Most of the time I as publisher do not place editorial opinions, cartoons or the like in the newspaper but with continued apathy among all voters in this country. I have to speak up.

I want readers to agree. I … Read more

Letters to the editor – 12/30/2015

Trump, Hitler comparison ridiculous, stupid

I think that the opinion photos equating Donald Trump as a fascist like Adolf Hitler is both way beyond politics and in fact just repulsive. Adolf Hitler was responsible for the deaths of around 50 … Read more

Letters to the Editor – 12/23/2015

Confederate controversy
The flag controversy has somewhat faded into the background but already, we’re enmeshed in a new argument. New Orleans City Council voting 8-1 to remove monuments and statues relating to confederate leaders and generals.… Read more

Editorial Roundup – 12/02/2015

Commissary prices are rip-off

Is it not enough punishment for serious lawbreakers in Mississippi to lose their freedom? Does the state also have to rip them off by allowing vendors to charge exorbitant prices for snacks, toiletries and phone calls?… Read more

Let’s be Neighbors – 12/02/2015

Carolyn Mills provides a weekly view from the community.

Recently I decided to visit Shiloh Baptist Church for their Sunday morning worship service. Center Ridge UMC and Shiloh are a little over a mile apart and have been sister congregations … Read more

Let’s be Neighbors – 11/25/15

Carolyn Mills provides a weekly view from the community.

Thanksgiving is upon us and the Mills family has much to be thankful for as three siblings on top of Mills Hill just before you reach Center Ridge UMC were hit … Read more