Catfish Opry now open for business

By Anna Katharine Baskin

The Winston County Journal


The word is spreading about the renovations of the Catfish Opry in Noxapater, MS. The new owner and chef of the Opry, Adam Joiner, is excited to promote the Catfish Opry’s restaurant services.

When asked how Joiner was spreading the word about the new restaurant, he said his main method is by reaching out to locals. Joiner emphasizes his belief in supporting local businesses, and says that he will return the favor. “I would also like to extend an invite to any and all farmers to eat here and enjoy,” Joiner said.

Joiner emphasizes the food itself. “People should focus on the quality of the food,” Joiner remarked.

“Southern comfort” is the phrase that comes to mind when one looks at the Catfish Opry’s menu. Catfish, fried oysters, and popcorn shrimp are among the seafood choices, while other options such as hamburgers and vegetables are also made available.

When asked what Joiner’s favorite item to cook was, he replied, “Anything that makes the customer happy.” The Catfish Opry’s produce comes from Hattiesburg, MS, and all seafood comes from the Gulf Coast.

Joiner has also planned to have live entertainment at the Catfish Opry in the near future, and said that his vision for the restaurant is “southern comfort food with a twist.”

Adam Joiner grew up in Mississippi, and moved to Birmingham in 2007. As a graduate with a culinary degree, Joiner gained experience in working with different cooking styles. He returned to Mississippi and now resides in Noxapater. Joiner wanted to move back because he “wanted to work for himself, and do it in a smaller community.” Joiner is in a partnership with Steve and Patricia Weeks of Noxapater. Mr. and Mrs. Weeks have previously owned the Catfish Opry.

Growing up around food, Joiner learned that it takes a lot of hard work to produce good food from what God gave us. His grandfather was a farmer, and that is how Joiner gained such a huge respect for farmers, fishers, and harvesters.

Joiner remarked that he is very grateful for the support from his family, especially his parents, Brenda Todd and Jody Joiner of Starkville; as well as his stepparents, Michael Todd and Sandra Joiner. He would also like to thank Philip Carter from the Liberty community. Joiner grew up hearing, “Find out what you love to do, not what you have to do.” And when asked, Joiner replied that he was happy doing what he loved, which was cooking good food for good people.

The Catfish Opry is now open for business in Noxapater, MS on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 5pm to 9pm.