Christmas in August from FODP to NFusion college students

By Elmetra Patterson 
The Friends of Dean Park, Inc.(FODP) stumbled upon information that two young ladies are headed for college with scholarships but did not have the family funds to get the bare necessities that they need for college.   They needed such things as, bedding, towels,  paper, notebooks, binders, folders, irons, luggage, trunk cubes, umbrellas, toiletries, bathrobes, house shoes, jackets, laptops, etc. The FODP normally give a scholarship to a youth who is a member of the group.  However, they did not have any members graduating this year, therefore, the group decided to take on the task of raising the funds and making a donation to help get these young ladies on their way.  There was only one week to raise the funds.  The FODP members gave what they could and ask the community, businesses and friends to help out.  Needless to say the group successfully raised nearly $600. to purchased most of the items but jackets and laptops.
These young ladies are associated with NFusion which is a new system of care for older youths and young adults.  NFusion has as its mission to partner with transitional aged youth/young adults (ages 16-21)and their families through effective coordinated, communications based services in the most stigma free environment possible. There were 10 youth who graduated this year.  Most of them are headed for college with full scholarships.  They are brilliant – just had some stumbling blocks along the way. The staff helps to meet their needs related to education, employment, housing, and wellness as well as social needs. The NFusion staff and volunteers are so proud of the accomplishments that these youth have made.
The FODP has as part of its mission to help provide scholarships to students in need.  According to Vice President Richard Moncrief, this will be the 3rd year that FODP has helped with scholarships.
 The FODP would like to thank those who helped raise these funds in such a short period. If there is anyone out there who would like to donate laptops or jackets, please contact Elmetra Patterson of the FODP at (510) 672-2106 or (662) 779-0169. You may also contact Christi Hayes of NFusion at (662) 773-2600. Your donations are tax deductible through either of their 501 (c)(3).