Church-based health program kicks off second year of Walking in Wellness

By Joseph McCain The Winston County Journal Evangelist Maria Headd Triplett is committed to God and getting her fellowman health. Triplett began a Walking in Wellness program last year at Ivy Park under the auspice of The Winston County Self Help Cooperative but quickly partnered with 10 member churches in the area to setup a Healthy for GOod program. The Healthy for GOod program incorporates activities and ways to develop a healthier lifestyle. Triplett’s goal is to as many church members and community members involved in an active and healthier lifestyle. Triplett along with other church members kicked off the second annual Walk in Wellness recently and will walk each Saturday in Ivy Park from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. “We hope this program can serve as a model for community-based healthy living and points to the power of partnerships to improve the community,” said Triplett. The Healthy for GOod program represents a unique grassroots approach to addressing common health problems. The program organizers hope to build upon existing support networks within the church faith community to gain involvement to build a healthier community. Triplett encouraged every church to get involved in a healthier congregation physically and spiritually.