Church holds fundraiser event for healthy living

By Daniel Brunty

The Winston County Journal


Calvary Apostolic Church will soon host a program that will focus on the physical health of Winston County residents as well as all of the country.

It is Well Ministry of Calvary Apostolic Church, a Health and Wellness Ministry, will present a fundraiser entitled “Walking in Natural and Spiritual Wellness” at the church on June 21 at 7 p.m. The guest speaker for the night will be Elder Cleveland Jones from Jerusalem Temple of Philadelphia.

It is Well Ministry presented the program in conjunction with the Coalition for a Healthier Winston County and The Healthy for God program. It is Well Ministry teaches, instructs and informs individuals to become aware of their health and the diseases that are plaguing the State of Mississippi and in Winston County.

Calvary Church Health and Wellness Project Coordinator Maria Triplett talked about the upcoming fundraiser. “Mississippi is number one in obesity and diabetes, but is a nationwide problem,” Triplett said. “We want to talk about ways we can control diabetes or prevent it, and this program will help do that.”

Triplett explained what the funds from the program would be used for. “The fundraiser is to help get exercise equipment and to educate individuals on acquiring and maintaining a healthy diet,” Triplett said.

Besides the fundraiser, Triplett spoke of the Walking for Wellness group. “Walking for Wellness is a program where individuals meet at Ivy Park on Saturdays from 9-10 a.m. to walk and do other exercises,” Triplett said. “Two times around the walking trail is equivalent to 1 mile.”

Some of the other activities that are available are new to the area. “When she can, we have April Divine come on Saturday mornings to instruct Pilates,” Triplett said.” If you don’t want that challenge, you can feel free to walk, which is known as the “Turtle challenge” because it is a very easy task. And walking is the best form of exercise.”

Triplett said that bottled water will be provided during the hour. She hopes in the near future they can raise enough funds to also provide protein bars to participants of the program. “We are trying to raise money to promote not only healthy beverages, but healthy snacks as well,” Triplett said.

Triplett also mentioned that the Coalition for a Healthier Winston County is sponsoring this year’s Farmer’s Market on June 13. “Buying fresh produce from local farmers is one way to control and prevent obesity and diabetes.” Triplett said.

Triplett also mentioned upcoming projects that the It is Well Ministry will be a part of. “We will be opening an outreach center on Beale St, the date to be announced at a later time,” Triplett said. “Once we have the outreach center, we will offer free exercise classes one day out of the week. We will notify of the public of that day.”

If you would like more information regarding the fundraiser, Walking & Wellness program, or It is Well Ministry, please contact 662-736-0259 or visit