Circuit clerk’s office working on redistricting notices

By Joseph McCain
The Winston County Journal

Voter registration cards are being mailed to a select number of Winston County voters, notifying them of changes they will

experience as a result of countywide redistricting.  
The redrawing of the lines to fit the 2010 census of the county has resulted in changes for about 500 voters in Winston County. Circuit Clerk Kim Ming noted that her office had sent about 500 cards and that the changes would not affect most of the 13,052 voters in the county. The letters for the 500 will notify person of any changes due to redistricting such as voting at a new location or being represented by different elected officials.  
“If a person received a voter registration card in the mail, they need to read it. It’s important. We don’t want confusion on Election Day,” said Ming. “Please make sure to look at the precinct and polling place. We want everyone on voting day to arrive at the correct polling place. We want to make sure every vote counts and is cast at the proper place.”
Residents who have never registered to vote must do so by Oct. 4. Registered voters who need to update their names, addresses or other information must do so at least a week before the election. 
“With some many persons who have moved lately, we ask that everyone update their address and other information,” said Ming.
 Forms are available at the Winston County Circuit Clerk’s Office or online at Because a signature is required, online forms must be printed out and mailed or faxed to the Circuit Clerk’s office.  
 Ming noted that problems may arise when residents change addresses and fail to update their information, even if their district doesn’t change. If a jury summons is sent to the previous address and returned twice, the voter may be flagged inactive.  
She added voters will be required to show photo identification for the November election.
Ming also noted voter registration card notifications will be mailed county wide after the legislative redistricting is made for the state.
For election and voting questions, please call the Winston County Circuit Clerk’s office at 662-773-3581.