City officials aiming to encourage cleanup efforts

The City of Louisville will be aiming to help move the clean up forward on properties throughout the city. Jodi Fulton, the City’s Code Enforcement

Officer, noted “City officials will be focusing on encouraging property owners to cleanup dilapidated properties and non-operable vehicles.”
He also noted, “The FEMA aided cleanup on the roadsides has ended and t the city will begin notifying property owners on dilapidated properties and non-operable vehicles that pose a health and safety hazard must be cleaned up. Also, no persons may place debris on the side of the road without it being considered littering and persons may be subject to a $500 fine.”
Owners will have 10 days to remove non-operable vehicles. All hazardous properties will have a public hearing and a time period to cleanup a property and/or remove the hazardous structure. If the city has to cleanup, all cost will be assessed against the property. 
City officials are hoping to continue to encourage recovery and cleanup of all properties. Persons who need volunteers to help with cleanup may wish to contact Winston Strong to see if assistance is available.
Persons with questions may contact Louisville City Hall 662-773-9201.