City will redraw wards based on Census data

By Joseph McCain

The Board of Aldermen received two maps to review and weigh in on as the city leaders prepare for city’s redistricting process. The Aldermen reviewed the two options which aim to reach an optimum population of 1,658 persons in each ward. The Ward must be less than a 10 percent deviation to meet Justice Department requirements. The new maps would update ward district boundary lines based on new 2010 U.S. Census data. Both plans provided to the Aldermen from the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District were down to 4.28 percent deviation. Before redistricting Ward 3 is 190 person below optimum which is a 11.45 percent deviation and Ward 4 is 174 persons over optimum which is 10.51 percent deviation. The two plans move all districts closer to the optimum number of 1658 persons. After some discussion with Aldermen Eugene Crosby requesting specific census data, Toby Sanford of the GTPDD noted he would come back with all needed information and he could sit down and work through a third option for the board. The board tabled the matter for a future meeting. Following the redistricting discussion, the board approved General Obligation Bond which will allow the city to borrow funds to make several street and other repairs in the community. In other business, the aldermen: • Removed one property from the unclean rolls and placed a tax lien of $1700 on another property for cleanup costs. • Approved a $99,349.45 docket of claims. • Approved meeting for the city engineer and city clerk. • LFD Chief Johnson noted the ongoing Fire Hydrant testing. See related article in today’s edition. • Accepted Troy Ward’s resignation from the Airport Board after 16 years of service. • Received a positive report on the library for National Library Week. • Discussed the possibility of the Blon Harris Building (Market Café) receiving a National Heritage Award. • Discussed improvements with the work on Columbus Street and new bypass lighting. The next regular board meeting is April 16 at 5:30 p.m. in the Louisville City Board room.