City’s original section corner unearthed

By Mike Robertson

Winston County Journal

On Tuesday morning, July 18, the original section corner of the City of Louisville was revealed for the first time in 100 years.

Interested townspeople, along with elected officials stood watch as employees of the Louisville Water Department excavated the marker at the intersection of North Spring Ave. and Mill St.

Robert Eaves expertly worked the backhoe that removed most of the asphalt and dirt, while Toby Pruden and Stanley Shaw handled most of the manual labor with shovels and air hammers.

Many witnessing the event described it as a historical moment in that this point is essentially the starting point of the City of Louisville. It was from this point that all other markers and deeds were originally located.

Ward 1 Alderman, Drew Massey, stated that the City associates itself with the statue at the intersection of Main St. and Columbus Ave., known to locals as the Monument, but for earlier generations the section corner marker was their monument.

Mayor Will Hill stated that he had always been interested in the history of Louisville, and since becoming mayor he heard of a story that was published in the Winston County Journal reporting that in 1917 the original section corner was marked with a wagon spindle embedded in concrete.

Hill said, “Those stories coincided with a lot of other history, so with that I asked Kenny (Morris, City Engineer at the time) what he thought about us uncovering it.” Hill pointed out that the timing was right as the City had completed a drainage project and sewer project and was preparing for a paving project in the area.

“It’s also 100 years since it was last looked at,” he said. “But the significance is not just 100 years. It was the original pin placement to establish the City of Louisville. So there’s a lot of history in this part of town including the first census.” Hill said that more of those stories will come out in the months ahead. He said that some type of marker would be placed in the street so that there will be no question of the location.

Of the unearthing project, Morris said it was very important to him.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for many years. In the past I did quite a number of surveys in Louisville and there was always a question about where the section corner was. I’ve been wanting to find the exact location all my life. It makes me feel very good. I got to witness some real history here,” he said.

Local historian, Judy Sanders stated, “This is the beginning of our city. Years ago, before man had anything with which to do, they saw the significance of this for laying out their land claims. Being a historian, I’m hoping that our children will always realize the contributions that the people of the past have made.”

Ward 2 Alderman, Judy McLeod said, “It’s history. It’s amazing to me. The center of Louisville is right here.”

Hill said, ‘We are going to come back with some plate, almost like a manhole cover but much nicer, maybe brass, to commemorate that here lies the beginning point. We also want to tell the history of that first census. And then the significance of Spring St. There are so many stories about Spring St. and this possibly being the head of the Pearl River. If you tie all of this together, for history buffs it