Community Counseling Services to host Yard Sales

What better way is there to celebrate the coming of spring than with
a Yard Sale? Not one sale but 6 separate Yard Sales will be hosted by
Community Counseling Services! May is Mental Health Awareness Month
and Community Counseling Services feels hosting Yard Sales for
everyone to enjoy shopping, selling, learning about services offered
and locating the Community Counseling Services facility in your
community would be a great way to bring awareness to May is Mental
Health Month.
“We want people to know that while mental health and substance use
conditions are common, they are extremely treatable and individuals
go on to recover and lead full and productive lives,” said Jackie
Edwards, Executive Director of Community Counseling Services.
Edwards said too many people who are living with mental health
conditions never seek or receive help due to stigma, lack of
information, cost, or lack of health care insurance coverage-as high
as 50 percent.
“We want to change the equation and help our families, friends and co-
workers who may be reluctant to ask for help or don’t know where to
find it.”
Community Counseling Services invites everyone interested in joining
the Yard Sales to pack their car with items for sale and join them in
one or several of the Yard Sale locations.
2nd Annual Yard Sale: *Yard Sales are Friday, May 3rd from 9
am until 1 pm.
Ackerman: Progress House-80 Old Sturgis Road
Columbus: CCS Main Office-1001 Main Street
Louisville: CCS Main Office-507 West Main Street Macon:
Infinity House-507 Lawrence Street
Starkville: CCS Main Office-302 North Jackson
West Point: Pass It On-407 West Main Street

It is FREE to participate. Community Counseling Services asks that no
pets or items that could potentially inflict harm be sold.

Join staff, clients and friends of Community Counseling to shop,
shop, shop at the 2nd Annual May is Mental Health Month Yard Sale!
May is Mental Health Month was started 64 years ago to raise
awareness about mental health conditions and the importance of mental
wellness for everyone. Community Counseling Services is a
comprehensive community mental health center providing quality mental
health care through diversified services in seven north Mississippi
counties. More information can be obtained by calling 295-0873, by
email at or online at Remember, it
is FREE to participate.