Community welcomes back, FoodCorps and volunteers

From press reports


The national, non-profit organization, FoodCorps (, has made it’s way into Louisville for the second year in a row. The new FoodCorps service member will be Jen Sellers, who recently received a B.S. in Human Development at Auburn University in Alabama. “I think it is important for children to know where fruits and vegetables come from. Getting kids to eat them is as easy as teaching kids how to grow it.”

Service members teach students about nutrition and healthy eating through gardening and cooking activities. They also try to increase children’s access to healthy, local foods by establishing Farm-to-School programs. Farm-to-School has been shown to help kids eat more fruits and vegetables, help the local economy, and support local farmers in states where programs exist.

Sellers will be continuing the work of April Divine, who established 8 raised garden beds at Fair Elementary, a garden at Head Start, and helped with the youth gardens next to Eiland Middle School. She also received a grant from Lowe’s which she used to purchase a green house for Fair Elementary. Sellers will be in charge of expanding upon the work April has already done.

Divine was able to get a lot of community support during her service here, but there is still a need for local citizen involvement. If you have gardening experience, experience with managing classrooms, or want to get involved, please let Sellers know.

Sellers is still in need of gardening supplies/tools for the gardens at Fair Elementary and Winston County Headstart. Please call (334) 782-3817 or e-mail if you have anything on this wish list to donate: wheel barrow, shovels, pitch forks, racks, watering cans, buckets (for watering and/or harvest), paint rollers/ paint brushes, primer, paint, tiller, harvest scale, hoes, planting pots, empty glass jars, trowels, spades, seeds, transplants, compost thermometer. Small, sturdy hand tools suitable for young hands would be especially useful.

Money contributions also much appreciated.

FoodCorp is a national nonprofit group and is funded through private sector donations from Whole Foods and the Kellogg Foundation. The program started last year and is now in 12 states. this is the first year in Winston County.

FoodCorps aims to “Help us encourage our youth toward healthy, homegrown foods.”3