‘Cool’ manufacturing company may soon begin production in Winston County

By Joseph McCain

The Winston County Journal


A new manufacturing company may soon be building its patented refrigerator units and alternator power systems in Winston County.

Idle Power, the ‘brain child’ of Harold Scott and Howard Brown, is a company the two see as a “disruptive technology” to the present status quo in the refrigerated truck industry as well as across the board for companies seeking to save fuel and energy.

The two working together have developed an new alternator system that gives power to a vehicle while on idle to keep refrigerator units running on trucks as proper capacity and also allows the driver to cut the vehicle off and the refrigerator unit to continue running.

“The fuel savings are there,” said Brown. “This system allows the refrigeration truck to be turned off yet the truck continues to be refrigerated.”

Brown outlined that the system saved fuel at all points from when the truck was turned off to when the truck was driving. The truck saved fuel while driving since the refrigerator units the company made weighed half of most other units while still delivering up to 5 times the power. With the truck hauling less weight for the unit, the fuel savings were very good according to field testing on the product.

“Some companies could save up to 40 percent on fuel costs,” said Brown.

The company already is gaining orders and may have sold one unit to the State of California as a demonstration unit on how technologies can save fuel and thereby save the environment and money.

The two company leaders hope to get the manufacturing process started by July of 2014 and be up to full production in a year and a half. They hope to employ 19 to 30 persons with various skills in electrical motors, skilled assemblers and general assemblers. They also hope to get help from East Central Community College workforce training to get the workers trained.

While Scott and Brown aim to focus on the refurbished refrigeration truck market and build up a strong business plan for a slice of a multi million dollar industry, the applications of some of its technologies with the alternator have many other possibilities. The alternator unit has even been tested by the military to help power electronic sensor systems on its Humvees and other vehicles with a positive result across the board from delivering consistent and strong power to the auxiliary systems to saving on fuel for the vehicles.

“We plan to stay out ahead of the market with our ideas,” said Scott.

The company has over 20-patented designs with 5 more pending along with ideas for more, which will allow the company to grow and expand in the future. These expansion possibilities could be good for Mississippi and Winston County.

“We are really dedicated to Mississippi,” said Brown.

The company aims not only to manufacture in Mississippi but hopes to buy needed parts and other items from Mississippi companies.

“Mississippi will be our first choice,” said Scott.

Thomas Leadership Consultants and its owner Shelley Thomas are helping the company locate workers, business partnerships and investment for the company.

(Left) Sumesha Arora of Innovate Mississippi listens to Brown and Scott describe their patented alternator using a 3D model of it.

(Left) Sumesha Arora of Innovate Mississippi listens to Brown and Scott describe their patented alternator using a 3D model of it.